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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Paul Mitchell

Ok, So many of you know how long I've wanted to attend the hair academy, probably since I was like 5, but anyway, recently I've just been sitting in my classes uo at BYU-I and hating life! I don't like the school, I don't like the teachers, and I especially don't like the way they some how find scriptural lessons.references to incorporate into my MATH class. Anyway, I have been talking to Jarom a little bit lately about me starting the hair school, and today I had a meeting with the financial aid "lady" here us what I found out: First off, the school tuition is $14,300. Crazy, I know. But, it gets a little better. Because we are so poor, we quallify for pell grants and loans. Jarom will not want to take out loans, I know that but sometimes you hav to bite the bullet to do something you love. The question here is, should I do it?
I will be doing something I am actually interested in,
The beauty industry is ALWAYS changing, and I'm a big fan of change.
I LOVE to do hair, I love to change my own hair, I love a spa atmosphere
I really think I have a natural ability
I am interested in the hari part, the nails, and aesthetics
I wont have to sit through another boring lecture in a classroom.
I can't see myself confined to an office working some boring desk job especially when I Want to have a family.
Oh, I can have a "salon" in my home!
They have some business classes, so I can open up my own spa someday
and hello, I will have a cosmo lisence so I can shop at those special stores and get discounts haha!

The Money
Jarom may have to stay here for his internship
We will be in Idaho longer than I wanted to be here.
Loans.. Loans.. Loans.. ah!

This could be ME!

Friday, November 13, 2009


I just wanted to say THANK YOU to some people that have come to our house recently. \I have gotten more compliments on the cleanliness of my house in the past week than I have EVER gotten from Jarom. It's nice to know that people notice the tireless hours I put in cleaning it.
Thank you.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Here are some more pictures!

There are a lot of pictures, but these are some of my favorites!