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We are: Jarom, Erica and Fae Bowman- glad you stopped by our blog!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Being a mother of two..

I have to say, I've had a pretty easy transition from mother of one, to mother of two- but only because my mother has been here to help! So far, it's been relatively easy since I don't really have to be anywhere at a certain time, I have help with Fae so I can focus on getting Grey ready, and my mom is able to help me out in the mornings feeding him- which gives me an extra hour of sleep (which I am in desperate need of right now).

This past week has been a little challenging because Grey caught Fae's cold- which wasn't the most fun thing ever, but he is much better now. He is more awake now, he likes to watch Fae play and run around- loves being bounced- and adores being cuddled. He has been a little more fussy than he was the week we brought him home- but so far, it hasn't been even close to the colic we dealt with when we had Fae. I took Grey to the Dr. earlier this week to make sure his cold was just a cold- and found out that he gained almost 2 lbs in 2 weeks! The kid does NOT miss a meal, and literally acts like he is starving to death if you try to pacify him with the binky- or don't get a bottle in his mouth by his first cry- he's needy ha ha. He wen't from 6 lbs 12 oz to 8 lbs 8 oz in two weeks! His little leggies are finally getting some meat on them and it's the best.

All in all, I'd say that he's still a good baby- he's super cute, and is usually pretty sweet. He still loves to be held, and cuddled and kissed. He smiles and laughs a lot in his sleep- I'm really looking forward to the real thing!

Fae has been a real champ through this whole thing, honestly I don't know what I would do without her. She has always been my little pal, but now shes my little helper too. She is always willing to help out with anything to do with the baby. She will "hold" him even when he's screaming for a bottle, she will throw out his dirty diapers- even the poopy ones! and she gives him an uncountable number of kisses. Fae is just the best, most sweetest little girl, I am so blessed to be her mom. I thought she might have a hard time not being the center of my world anymore, but she seems to be taking it well, as everyone in the house is just in love with little Grey. Having my mom here has been a huge help with this though, so we will see how much Fae still loves me after my mom leaves.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Welcome to the world Greyson! and also welcome to our blog.... again

Yes, yes, it's been like two years since I blogged last, probably more... not for lack of things to blog about but more the time to do it/motivation. So, I decided that once this new baby made his appearance, I would start blogging again- which happened to coincide with the new years- so consider it a new years resolution to start blogging again.

Here is Grey's birth story:

Honestly, I thought I was never going to go into labor, I was 39 weeks and seriously tired of being pregnant, I had been walking and walking for weeks to try and start labor, but it resulted in maybe 5 contractions. On Monday, the 29th I decided to take Fae to the museum center to play so I could walk around some more. We stayed for about 3 hours, and then went to walmart and kroger to do some grocery shopping. By the time we got home, Jarom was already there which really was a surprise since he usually works until about 7 every night. Anyway, he wanted to go to Sam's Club and get a few bulk items- so I decided we should go, because I really just wanted to keep walking! While we were there, my water broke (which didn't happen when I had Fae) and at first it was just a trickle, I honestly thought I peed my pants- but because I couldn't "Stop" it, I knew it was something else. I was a little worried because in my mind I figured once your water broke, the contractions would start... but they didn't for about 3 or 4 hours. Once they did, however it was intense... in fact more so than when I had Fae. By the time I got to the hospital I was in a fair amount of pain. They strapped the heart monitor on me and did a few tests to "make sure" my water actually broke- though I thought it was pretty obvious. During that time (and before the actually admitted me) little Grey's heart rate slowed considerably and at one point faded out completely! About 12 nurses and Dr.'s came in and I was tossed and turned into very strange positions to try and get him heart rate back up. They gave me a shot to stop my contractions- i'm not sure what it was but it made me shake really bad. It took about 6 minutes, though it felt like 2 hours since I was having back to back ridiculous contractions before the shot. I was grateful for the medicine because my body wasn't dilating like it should have been for having such strong contractions back to back like that... and I was able to get some rest. Once they admitted me, I asked for an epidural, and I was so glad to be done with the pain! Unfortunately, I had to lay only on my left side with my right leg up in a sling- I'm not sure why. They also pumped like 8 bags of fluid in me which left my feet and hands looking like balloons for 4 days afterwards. I tried to sleep, Jarom did sleep. And then it was a waiting game! About 3 hours later I was dilated fully and it only took 4 pushes to get him out! Then he was here!

So far, he is really a sweet baby, he loves to be held and kissed and talked to, but he also LOVES to eat and will not miss a meal. He was 6lbs 12 oz 20 inches at birth and he hasn't lost any weight! 
He doesn't cry very often, only if he's hungry or feels lonely, oh and EVERY time I change his diaper- he doesn't like that (but I think it's because he's cold).
Fae is in love with him, and very protective as well. She wants to hold him and kiss him all the time, it's pretty sweet. She has been such a big helper so far, I'm kind of waiting for her to get tired of him, but I hope she doesn't! 

Monday, July 1, 2013

After we moved...

The Wednesday after we moved into our new home... we left yet again for a week vacation in Idaho to visit Jarom's family. As always, there was tons of good food and great company. Fae had a BLAST, I mean she cried so hard when we left, she wanted to play with all her "friends" (which by that she meant her 7 cousins).

It was nice to have a week of real relaxation- Jarom's parents are fantastic about giving us time to chil out without worrying about Fae.. or anything else.
Fae loves herself a good  Barbie Car! haha 

Fae and Lyla

We wen't to the zoo
Just missing Charley and Beau! 
I think this needs no explanation- Fae= Princess

Me, pretending I have 2 babies.. haha. 

Jarom Graduated!

Yep, the big day finalllllly came, my sweet, loving, smart husband finally graduated- we are done with the student life (which turns out is much easier than real life, but nonetheless).
Jarom was the Class President- so he sat up on the stage for the whole graduation. He also carried the Union Graduate College Flag up there- but I was late on the uptake and missed the photo opp.
He also gave a short speech to the graduates- he did a fantastic job! (I have the video on my facebook if anyone is interested)
Looking studious

Then after the Graduation the college held a small luncheon and we were able to talk with some of our friends and Jarom's prefessors. 

This is us with our Best Friend Aaron, we miss him SO much, and can't WAIT for him to come visit!!!!

My and my handsome man-ehem! I mean MBA-H man... haha Congrats Jarom you hard worker, you!

We Moved!

So, yes, we moved. At first it was sad, we all really did fall in love with NY, its beautiful there, and my family is there- so it was a pretty great way to spend the last 2 years. However, it was time to move on and move out- so after Jarom's graduation (literally, the day after) we started our journey to Taylor Mill, Kentucky.

Compared to our other drives- like the one from Idaho to NY, this one was pretty fast and not all that boring since instead of nothing-ness, there were cities and towns along the way. 

So anyway, we made it to our new home, our apartment is nice enough, unfortunately, the longest (and best) part of our sectional wouldn't fit through the door and so we are currently using the smaller two pieces- which isn't the worst thing, but it is kinda lame. 

That's what it looks like... haha 

Anyway, We've been exploring our little town, we have a walmart near-by which I swore off before we left NY.. unfortunately they are still the cheapest store, and we are on a strict budget... so I guess I have to leave the swearing off to a later date. There are some nice parks, and a cue library- which has lots of children's activities. So far so good, I'm sure it will start to feel more like home once we make some friends :)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Family pictures 2013.. for the second time haha

Yep, I'm a huge fan of having pictures taken.. I am getting better about candidly taking shots, but I still would like fantastic quality- awesome camera candid shots- so I hire people haha- since I lack that talent in a big time way. Here are a few of the photos I love best:

Monday, May 27, 2013

To the PARK!

Fae Loves the park, we pretty much go to a park everyday when the weather is nice. Today my family came with us! The second picture is funny she really isn't nervous, shes in fact VERY confident... maybe overly confident while climbing up to high- heights haha... but I thought it was cute and funny.  Hope you all had a nice weekend!