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We are: Jarom, Erica and Fae Bowman- glad you stopped by our blog!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

A few videos...

We haven't been up to too much lately, I'm still working on my weight loss, which is going pretty well, Jarom is busy at School and GE, and we are both getting ready for our move down to North Carolina for the summer. We are so excited to move there for a while, especially since we happened to have friends there who are coming up here for the summer... which means, we found a place to live!! woohoo! We still haven't found anyone to rent our apartment, but I have a few leads from my post of craigslist.
Fae on the other hand has been pretty busy, we had 2 weeks of awesome weather and she learned all about playing outside, going down slides, climbing jungle gyms, and swinging, all of which she loves!! (She always cries when it is time to go home) She also loves the indoor play rooms we go to, which I don't like as much as being outside, but it will do when the weather isn't terrific. She has started going to nursery for the last hour of church ("to get acquainted" but it's really because we can't handle her at church, she has way too much energy, and she LOVES to play with the other kids in nursery!) She will start going for both hours next week, Easter Sunday and we c a n n o t wait!!!! haha can you feel our excitement??
Fae also had the opportunity to go to another play (the first one was Sesame Street Live) She liked Sesame Street, a LOT! she danced and sang, but it was a little on the long side, this play however, was only an hour long and it was just F A N T A S T I C!!! It really kept the kids involved and Fae had a blast, we went with her cousin Marlo and my mom.. they liked to too :)

Lets see, this video is of Fae right before said show^^ we were waiting for marlo to get there and she kept asking "wheres MArlo?" it's so cute because the two of them are little besties! It's nice to have Marlo come play with Fae for a few hours and give me a break!

This one is so funny, well at least it's funny to me because no one taught her how to meow, she just learned to do it by herself haha.. she does like to follow my parents cat around though and bother her.. so maybe Fae thinks she is a cat sometimes?? I don't know but either way it's funny!

This video is my personal favorite because she is going through the "Spinning" phase right now... so she spins around, or runs in circles until she gets too dizzy to walk and falls down.. I don't think it's very good for her.. but we all did it and most of us turned out okay, right?? haha Gotta love this girl! When I get a shorter video of it, I will add one of her jump kicking.. Jarom taught her this, but she is getting rather good at it... almost too good.. haha

Thursday, March 22, 2012

And, my husband is awesome.

Congrats to the L O V E of my life, on being offered a position at the Duke University health care system this summer! Way to go Jarom!!!

That's all :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Jarom turns 25...

Woah! what an old man he is! haha Yep, my sweet little Jarom turned 25 this last week (the 14th) and since we are poor graduate students (well hes a graduate student, I'm an undergraduate student) we couldn't have the huge party I planned in my head.. which was pretty sweet and included, but wasn't limited to: an all-inclusive spa/golf resort with babysitting (we still cant leave Fae overnight, are we lame??) and awesome food, all on a private island with a shark-less/ jellyfish-less ocean beach... yeah, it would have been pretty sweet.. it's the thought that counts right??
So in lieu of that, I decorated the kitchen a little and made him a delicious lunch.. [he's been wanting a turkey BLT] so I made him that on
D E L I C I O U S Italian bread (from my uncles bakery- which I am going to miss sooooo bad when we move). He then had to go back to work {lame} and I made his favorite meal (his moms recipe for beef enchiladas) for dinner, they turned out great! Jarom insists they were delicious "just like my moms" but I really think he was just saying that because I had a melt down in the middle of making them haha... I have this thing about cooking, I H A T E it. For dessert, we had the best cheese cake ever (also courtesy Jarom's mom- thanks!) That one was easy so there was no melt down involved haha. Oh, and of course we sang happy birthday... well it was really just me singing because Fae can't sing yet... awkward.

For his birthday he got some money... a golf shirt and sock from his mom and dad... the money is going towards a new set of golf clubs.. when we actually have time to go out and look for some.. and he also got some money from my parents for the same thing.. he didn't get any money from me haha.. but I got him some nice wooden suit hangers (we bought him a new suit finally.. long story short.. Jarom is the WORST to shop for.. he is pickier than I will, or ever have been- but I still love him.. and it makes me feel special cuz he picked me right?) and I also got him some diet mountain dew, a suit- suit case and his favorite chips. (we've been off soda and chips for a while, so those were a special treat).

Anyway, this week Jarom is in Chicago at the annual ACHE conference.. It's a conference for Health Care Professionals.. I don't know what they are going to do there.. but his brother Josh will be there too and I know Jarom was looking forward to seeing him, so I'm sure he is having fun. We sure do miss him though- but I have to admit, and don't tell him this, but I love having the bed all to myself haha.. I think that when we move, I am going to make sure we get a king size bed and get rid of this queen.. I love my space!! Of course I'd rather have him home haha but you know.. he seriously loves to sleep right in the middle and.. well you get it.. haha.
But anywho, we are very proud of Jarom, he is such an awesome dad and husband, he is so funny and loves both us girls to death.. we probably get 500 kisses a day EACH! He is so smart and seriously I can not believe how professional he can be.. I walked in on him having a phone interview and I didn't even know he knew the big words he was using since hes such a goof ball at home! But that's what I love about him, he is the best thing (ok, person) to ever happen to me, I seriously love that man!

Friday, March 9, 2012

We miss Idaho...

It's weird because I thought those words wouldn't even enter my mind, let alone exit my mouth haha! but we do, we miss Jarom's family, the life style, and the remoteness (a little). This morning we got a package from Jarom's mom, it was fantastic! We love getting packages, but she really spoiled us this time. We really miss them when it comes time for holidays, like Easter, Christmas, birthdays etc... but at least we get to video chat once-in-a-while!
Thanks mimi and papa for the awesome clothes, and candy!!!- Love, Fae

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Weight is the most annoying thing to me. MOST annoying, more than when Fae throws fits at the store, more than waiting for the light to turn green knowing that you wont even get through it because of the enormous line of traffic, and yes more annoying than spilling grape juice on your brand new white shirt. Not many people know this about me, because quite honestly I don't talk about it a lot, but weight is a huge issue with me. Throughout my pregnancy I gained about 35 lbs. which I know is normal, and within the first 2 weeks (after I had Fae) I lost 20 lbs. So I still had about 15 lbs to go. At this point in my life I still have 10 lbs to go to get back down to a healthy 110. I would like to get down to 105, but lets be realistic here... that aint' gunna happen.
I have been fighting with myself, justifying eating a big bowl of nachos at 11:00pm, eating when I'm stressed, eating when I'm bored, and to be honest I am just plain unhappy about the whole situation. Even though people say "you look great" or "you are skinny, look at me!" or the dreaded "yeah, well you had a baby, your body changes" I still don't feel good about it- and as most of you know, it isn't what people tell you that can make you feel better, it's how you feel about yourself.
My goal here isn't to be the next woman body builder, or a shorter Heidi Klum (although that would be nice), but It's more just to feel comfortable. You've heard people say "I'm comfortable in my own skin" well, I'm not, and so I'm going to take action. Because the second most annoying thing is to complain about something without putting the effort into changing it. Don't take this blog as condescending, or rude, I'm really only writing about this publicly, because then the likelihood of actually accomplishing it is much higher!
The Bowman Family is about to have an abrupt change filled with carrots, celery, peppers, and all that other good stuff that we buy and shove to the back of the fridge (tisk tisk). I think it's important to raise Fae in a healthy, active household, where we eat right and feel good, so that's my goal, and I'm sticking to it.

(realistic timeline-- loose 10 lbs by my birthday {may 8th-save the date hehe} I will then include before and after pictures)