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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jordan and Megan

Jarom's "little" brother Jordan got married this weekend! It was such a beautiful wedding, I almost cried!! They both looked so good and soo happy it reminded me of when Jarom and I were married.
Congrats you guys!!
This is them coming out of the temple as Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Bowman awww how sweet!

And this is their first dance :) We are so happy for them!! The covenant of marriage is such an amazing thing, I am so happy that they chose to be married and sealed for time and all eternity in the Temple. Although I can't imagine anyone being as happy as Jarom and I, I'm sure every couple who makes those promises feels the same way.

Here is a picture of Jarom, Jordan and Rachel... Arent those brothers just so handsome?

Ok, here is one of Jarom and I, and yeah, I look a little pregnant.. so don't make fun of me just embrace it and love it.

And why he insists on making faces in every picture.. is also awesome. haha I love my Jarom!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

You might be pregnant if...

You look like this:

Yes, I'm not wearing makeup.. so back off. But I wassss doing crunches and stretches.. so there!

That's one big belly poking out right there. Hopefully the little one will stop kicking me so much because it has more room.. but he/she is pretty adamant about wanting to get out of there! He/she kicks me so hard sometimes, especially if I walk too much or run for too long. What a silly kid, I really just can't wait to meet him/her!

We also went to the Idaho Falls Farmers market today, and I HAD to purchase this adorable blanket and two little tag- minky things for the baby, It's so cute :)

Also, thanks to my sister and mother in law, I officially have a boppy! But, if I have a boy, I might need to get a new cover for it.. but that's ok :) I'm so excited and thankful to have one since apparently it IS a necessity!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I thought I would do some reserch

The other day, my brother informed me that prenatal massage was bad for the baby, saying that toxins are released and certain pressure points shouldn't be touched etc. So, I thought I would do some research Just to be safe, since I have been getting massages pretty regularly, here is what I found from various websites, and talking to my own doctor:

Benefits of Prenatal Massage
In addition to the normal benefits of massage, prenatal massage has a number of benefits for mothers-to-be:
Reduces stress levels
Eases back and foot pain caused by changes in posture
Reduces swelling of feet and ankles
Improves skin elasticity, reducing stretch marks
Improves sleep
Improves digestion
Relaxes and soothes baby
Reduces pelvic pain
Additionally, a prenatal massage therapist can frequently recognize early signs of dangerous complications, reducing the risk to both mother and child.

Risks of Prenatal Massage
There are relatively few risks with prenatal massage, and some of the risks that are talked about a lot are urban legends. The real risks are:
Dizziness and nausea
Untrained therapist causing injury
Too deep massage of back or abdomen causing spotting or cramping
Muscle Soreness

* The most important thing is to make sure you are being massaged by a trained and certified massage therapist * Consequently, I will continue my biweekly massages :) But, I am glad I looked into it.

Toxins are poisonous substances produced by organisms and living cells. They vary in severity, ranging from mildly irritating, such as a bee sting, to deadly, such as botulinum toxin. You can easily get toxins through the food you eat and the air you breathe; in fact, your body can also produce toxins.
* I called my doctor and asked her if this should be a concern in regards to massage, she simply said no. Toxins will be in your body and released every time you exercise or eat certain foods anyway. The only counsel she gave was to make sure I was flushing my body regularly, which I should be doing anyway by drinking lots of water.* Of course, you should not do a detox treatment while pregnant, but the amount of toxins released in prenatal massage are not harmful as long as you drink water.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This is the best..

Although I am only 5 1/2 months along, I have been using this body butter every day (twice to three times a day) the goal is to not get any stretch marks (lets be honest sometimes you just get them), but even if I do, this product is my FAVORITE! my skin is sooo healthy it looks good and feels great! I absolutely wouldnt trade this lotion for anything! (and for only $5, it's worth it)

So, even if you're not pregnant, try it out because your skin will look and feel amazing.. I feel like I'm a sales person.. but seriously, I'm not kidding, TRY IT!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The BIG Ultrasound..

So we went to the doctors today, and I am currently 21 weeks, and have officially gained 6 pounds! (I shouldn't admit to that on my blog but whatever). The baby is PERFECT! haha well, I think it is anyway. According to the Ultrasound tech. the bones are measuring to be the correct size, as well at the head, which is all very exciting to know since it can rule out a bunch of physical deformities.

On a cuter note, our little one was sucking their thumb!!! It was precious, but naughty!! I'm going to have to make sure we kick that habit real quick haha. And also, as suspected, the nose on that little thing was large and in charge haha but according to the doctor that is normal.. so HOPEFULLY he or she will grow into it, lets all keep our fingers crossed.

Oh, and no, we did keep our word and we did NOT find out what we are having! I'm still amazed that we didn't because I thought for sure we would get in there and Jarom would beg me to let him find out. Well, he kinda did, but then we just decided it will be really cool to hear "it's a boy!!" or "it's a girl!!" once the baby finally comes out.. so here's to that!!

We have a DVD of the whole thing, and once I figure out how to publish it to the blog, which could be never, I will include it on here.. but for now, here are some of the ultra sound pics:

How cute!! seriously the baby was sucking his or her thumb but the ultrasound lady couldn't get a clear picture of it, so this is the closest we got, but we saw the little lips move and it was precious!

And how funny do they look all coiled up in there? Legs over head and the little bum.. its so dang amazing! Apparently the baby is about 10 1/2'' long all together! Crazy!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The baby's.. corner?

I would love to entitle this post "The Baby's Room" but unfortunately there is no baby room. Just a corner in our office.. which made me sad until I saw how cute it was with the crib in there. I just love our crib (thanks Auntie) and our mattress (thanks Robyn :) ) Everything is coming together!! So here are a few pictures:

Oh geeze, Jarom never wants to be normal in any pictures, nevertheless he is the cutest!! (until the baby comes)

And here is the crib by its self. I absolutely LOVE it. It is the perfect size, shape and color! I'm so glad I bought it!!

ALSO: My friend Jana came over today and helped me/ taught me how to make burp cloths.. exciting, I know, but look how cute they are!! and they save me some money because I have material enough to make a couple bibs tomorrow.. which will be super cool if I can figure out how to work the sewing machine haha.. cuz I'm so domestic. But I just think the material is sooo cute and gender neutral (which I'm a big fan of since we don't know if its a boy or a girl ).

One More Thing: My mother-in law gave me a bouncy seat(THANKS!!).. which I think was my sister-in laws... but either way I'm way excited to be able to borrow it and use it for when the little one comes!! It's like BRAND NEW, thus saving me $33.. or so.