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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Universal Studios

Ok, this is the post I will be doing about Florida.. The last three days we were in Florida were spent at Universal Studios. It was seriously cool.. but I have to be honest, I liked Disney a LOT more. The lines at universal were UNREAL like 2 hr wait times! At Disney we had fast passes so we got on rides in minutes! (The Universal fast passes were like $80 a person/day!)But, it was totally worth checking it all out.. and we all had an awesome time!

Here is a little show they did there.. it was in "Dr. Seuss Landing" IT was really cute to see all the characters come to life :)

Fae and I with the Grinch.. Fae was a little scared haha

Fae and Auntie cooling off.. we were all pretty hot

Baby Fae on a Tiger, obviously she wasn't scared of it haha... even though it looks ferocious!

Ok, here is the good part, the part we have all been waiting for.. HARRY POTTER WORLD!

Haha, we waited for hours to get in here... and let me tell you, it was SO worth it. I'm obviously a Harry Potter fan.. so to see "hogwarts" in "real life" was so stinkin cool. We got to go into the castle and everything! I don't have any pictures because it was dark in there.. you know because it is only really lit by candles.. but they had holograms of the characters walking around in the castle.. it looked like harry potter himself was there! It was seriously the second coolest thing ever. The first coolest thing ever is that we went into the castle solely to take the tour.. which was just a walk through the castle to see dumbledore's office, the potions room and some other "hot spots", but Jarom got to talking with one of the people who worked there.. who then took us to the front of the line for the new, coveted, harry potter ride and let us go on! (the line was a 90 min line) so THAT was the coolest thing ever. The ride was awesome, I actually felt like I was flying on a broom stick. Haha, all you non-potter fans probably think I'm such a dork but I don't care. It made my year.

This is Hogsmead.. and its where you walk into when you first go in. There is the wand shop and book shop and candy shop.. Everything! So cool... there is also butterbeer.. which we got a glass of, but I didn't really like it to be honest.. I was going to try the pumpkin juice.. but I didn't think I'd like that either haha.. I don't really know who would.

Hogwarts Express.. which was located (obviously) on platform 9 3/4 haha.. the train station was right next to it.

Here is the castle:

Ok, fine, I'll stop with Harry Potter..
I took Fae to a Barney show.. so here we are in Barney's backyard play house!

We did a lot more than these photos do justice for, the only thing was that at Universal, backpacks and bags weren't allowed on rides.. so we didn't have the camera most of the time... So of course we went on ALL the rides.. there were HUGE roller coasters and other themed rides.. All in All it was just great! We had a super terrific time!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Fathers day

I could spend this time talking about MY dad.. I suppose.. haha but this is my blog, and I already got MY dad a card, so this post is about Jarom. (Don't get me wrong, I have an awesome dad, but it IS jaroms first fathers day)

So, Dear Jarom,

I don't know what I would do without you, you are the sweetest, smartest, most passionate and loving person I think I've ever met. You are so kind to me, even when I don't deserve it. You make me laugh, and smile and feel like I'm worth a billion dollars. You support me when I'm feeling down, and you "ground" me when I'm being crazy. You are my support system and I love you for that. Last October we had a baby, and I can't imagine doing it without you. She has your sweet spirit and sense of humor.. not to mention your good looks... She adores you and laughs and smiles every time she sees you. I am so thankful for a man like you in my life, and a father like you in Fae's. Even though we have some tough decisions to make in the weeks coming up, I know that no matter what we choose, you will support us and take care of us. Fae and I have full faith in you and love you unconditionally. Thanks for being you! Your are the best daddy ever!

Bizz and Fae


The last day at Disney we all went to EPCOT. It was more of a cultural place, so lots of different ethnicity's and cultures were represented by little "areas" dedicated to each of them. The park is set up in a circular way so you start with one place and end there also.. it was really pretty awesome! If we had the money, it would have been cool to try all the different kinds of food they had!

This is all of us in front of the big EPCOT ball, getting ready to go in!

Earlier that day we went to Blizzard beach, but its a water park, so here is the only good picture we got from there: Grandma Lorry feeding Fae! (She didnt really act hungry most of the time on the trip.. probably because it was so hot, but we had to make sure and keep this girl hydrated no matter how hard she struggled to get away and play!)

We saw another Nemo show.. which was AWESOME and when it ended it dropped you off at this AWESOME aquarium.. Fae LOVED all the cool fishies and sea horses!

A REAL Nemo!
And some other wierd looking super cool fish

We also went on a boat ride through the big giant EPCOT ball:

Inside this ball:

There was a giant aqua-phonics garden, in which scientists at Disney were growing all sorts of different plants, fruite and vegetables.. it was seriously cool to see everything growing vertically rather than on the ground, planted in the dirt! We couldn't take many pictures, so I don't have any to show, just take my word for it, it was pretty cool.

Like I tried to explain earlier, here is the Mexican "area":

They had tons of food, and gifts and things authentic to Mexico for sale in the mexico area.

I think this was Norway.. but I'm not sure:

Somewhere around that area we all decided to get a huge turkey leg and share it haha.. it tasted like ham though...

Before the turkey leg, we ate in Italy, because we are Italian haha, here is one of us:

Here is Lady and the Tramp made out of Bushes:

We went to all the different places, but as we were leaving, the EPCOT illuminations started, so we decided to stay:

Ok, thats all for EPCOT! It was just so amazing there, I loved it! On another note, I'm not sure if I blogged about this, Jarom and my grandma were the stars of a show! It was called Disaster, and what they did was simulate some disaster scenes from movies, and how you how they do it... so Jarom fell off a cliff or something, and my grandma got blown up! haha It was pretty cool:

Animal Kingdom!

Animal Kingdom was so fun, there was so much to do there, seriously, we could have gone back three more days and STILL not finished everything! We did three nature hikes and one safari ride, we video taped the safari, but it was super bumpy so I wont put it up here.. but here are some pictures:

We spent a lot of time "waiting" for the rest of our group to catch up haha.. but it was really cool when we saw things like this:

The tree of life:

This guy looked like the heat was getting to him, too! It was blasted hot that day haha I remember dripping with sweat after one of the hikes! But, We gotta LOVE FLORIDA!

OK, I could go on for like 5 more posts of picture of animals, so I'll stop for a second..
here is one of baby Fae being eaten by.. a Sabre-toothed tiger??

While we were waiting to enter the tree of life to see the bugs life show, Fae wanted to do some rock climbing! She needed help though..

OK, we mostly got picture of animals.. so here are a few more..
And this is what Fae looked like the whole time.. haha she loved the animals!

A komodo dragon!

And Lastly, A tiger! We weren't able to see the lion, because he was hiding, and they have an open range territory for the animals, so they have miles and miles of land to hunt, and play and hide.. oh well!

We also went to a NEMO show, and a little mermaid show, and down to Asia and Africa.. which were super cool and had awesome rides.. One of the roller coasters seriously made me sick for the rest of the day.. but after some good Chinese food, I was feeling a little better :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I guess I can't do anything in order..

But I haven't gotten around to putting more pictures from Florida on here, so I figure I better update with a few more things:
Jarom and I are currently staying with my grandparents (in the upstairs of their house which is like a giant suite hotel room) in New York. So far the weather has been awesome, super hot and sunny and just beautiful... well it did rain a few days.. but still. Jarom is working hard to earn some money before we go to grad school.. laying mulch, cleaning windows, and painting decks.. there are other odds and ends as well. I'm glad he is so dedicated to us, because if I had to work out in that heat (like 94 degrees) I would probably quit,
I have been taking care of fae, remodeling my parents bathroom, and I even picked up a few hours of work at my uncles bakery. (Pereccas). I have been having so much fun being here by my family, it honestly makes me never want to leave. I keep begging Jarom to re consider coming to school here, but that is mostly because of the scary weather they had over in Missouri. I really am getting pretty scared about that... for some reason I have always feared tornado's over any other type of storm ( I know they aren't as scary as other things like tsunami's) but I am very scared of having to go through something like that.. especially with Fae!

Jarom, Fae and I have also been going on a a lot of family walks because of the nice weather, and we also have a bike trailer so we can take fae on a bike ride! (I don't like to ride bikes that much, but it will give me an excuse to go a little slower).
Speaking of Fae, she is just a monster! She gets into everything! I mean evrything! she opens drawers, cabinets.. bottles of juice etc. She is SO fast, I can't even turn my head for a second! We got her a kiddie pool, and I have been sitting in there with her, so absolutely LOVES it. I put about 4 inches of water in it and let the sun heat it up and then around 1 or 2 we go play in it! she splashes around, crawls in it, and plays with her toys.. its probably her favorite thing to do.. but me being the freak I am, I have to sit right in there with her.. just in case she face plants it.. she hasn't done that yet.. but just in case, I'm there. Contrary to my earlier post, this week she has been a lot more needy, and really only wants me to hold her. This is getting hard for me, because I have a lot of things I want to get done, and a screaming baby that wants me to hold her is really cramping my style. Oh well, she is so cute it doesn't matter in the long run whether the bed gets made or not.. right??

She has also been eating more foods, I was very hesitant at first to start her on solids, but little by little we have beenadding things to her menue. These include:
Green Beans
Sweet Potatoes
Green Beans

She likes most everything, and NEVER turn her nose up to anything you try to feed her. It's so funny, she will seriously start drooling over food! She is getting SO big, long, thick and beautiful! I love her chunky legs and her chubby belly. Her huge cheeks make me so happy and her beautiful blue eyes just melt my heart, I love my girl! I'm kinda sad because everyone has been saying that since shes started to craw and stuff, she will probably slim down a little.. but I hope she doesn't. You can't get away with baby fat forever, so she really needs to keep it as long as she can! I also have this little meshy ring pop looking thing that I put things in like bananas, apples, watermelon and ice. I also put a popsicle in one time, but she made a mess, I don't know what I was thinking giving her a RED one. She has two teeth on the bottom, and she shows them off all the time, they are the cutest things.. she does this super cheesy smile all the time and it includes clenching her teeth and grinning at you.. haha I love that girl!

Anyway, here are a couple cute videos, to tide you over, but I promise I will finish blogging about our vacation, and try to catch up until now!

She thought this was pretty funny.. don't worry, its just a ball made out of yarn and stuffed with cotton... it didn't hurt her haha

And this one is just to show how fast she is and how she really can get into anything because she can stand up!