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We are: Jarom, Erica and Fae Bowman- glad you stopped by our blog!

Friday, May 20, 2011

A littl bit...

About Fae:
- She is 7 months old
- she weighs about 16 lbs
- not sure on the height
- I havnet given her her second set of shots because I havent felt right about it yet.
- she eats (or rather TRIES to eat) EVERYTHING
- she crawls everywhere, and shes very fast
- she pulls her self on top of things and can almost pull herself up stairs (she did it once.. it was scary)
- she hits her head probably 6 times a day-- not for my lack of trying to stop her, she is just too fast for me!
- she loves apple sauce
- I still only really feed her formula
- she hardly ever cries
- she smiles and laughs all the time
- since we've been traveling and stuff she wont sleep through the night-- she wakes up around 4 am to eat every day and then falls back to sleep.
- she isn't so much a mommy girl but she gets super happy to see me.
- she love to play with daddy
- she has 2 teeth! they sre so cute and are the bottom front two.
- she sits up
- she screams for attention then gives you a big smile
- No more swaddling for her! shes a big girl now and she sleeps on her belly :)
- she is the cutest baby I've ever seen!!!!!!!!! :) oh and we love her duh!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

a little out of order and a little late..

Sorry to interrupt the disney/universal blogging again, but here are two very important, and super cute videos I havent been able to upload for a while:

Fae Crawling under a coffee table:
(She is so fast.. its unreal I have to keep my eye on her every second, or else she into things that she shouldn't be into, like books, movies, dirt etc... its getting exhausting!)

Fae standing up!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Do things like this really happen?

Obviously they do.

To those of you living in Idaho Falls/ Rexburg Area, please read this:

((((So SOMETHING CRAZY happened friday. The store owner of Lyn's boutique, publicly HARRASSED AND HUMILIATED ME for browsing at her store previously but buying an item on AMAZON instead. It started by with this snarky conversation: "Did you buy the bunny you were looking for last time?" Yes. "Where did you buy it?" AMAZON. "OH..are your baby's shoes and shirt from amazon too?" NO. "WELL I'M SURPRISED SINCE YOU'RE CHEAP ENOUGH TO BUY ON AMAZON." seriously!...that's what she said!! She continued to offend me in front of customers saying "THAT PEOPLE LIKE ME DIDN'T BELONG IN HER STORE, THAT DOWNTOWN BOUTIQUES WERE NOT THE PLACE FOR MY KIND OF PEOPLE. THAT I WAS RUINING HER STORE, ETC." I honestly couldn't believe this was happening.. ISN'T SOMETHING LIKE THIS SUPPOSED TO BE ON TV? Did she think that she could talk to me like I was nothing simply because I had bought something elserwhere? on AMAZON? HOW DARE I? Anyways.. I walked out to get my phone because I was hoping to video the way that she was mistreating me which then started this argument from her. "How I was probably going to take pictures of her items to search for them online~that's like stealing artwork from a gallery." (what the ?) So I told her how it was to record how she was yelling at me. I TRIED TO STATE the fact that her remarks were uncalled for, especially since I'd been a customer and I WAS HOLDING MY DEBIT CARD IN MY HAND..so if I had no intentions of buying something in her store, I wouldn't have that! duh!? Anyways, not thinking~ I went to the back and said you know what?~ I'm going to look for what I came for because I don't deserve this. (why would I even consider shopping there and supporting that store? yeah not thinking, I was just so upset that she was treating me like scum because I supposedly couldn't afford- or belong at her precious store. So I put a pair of shoes on my little boy. (who doesn't even walk! he barely sat down to crawl) When she came there and said: "You can try and item on, but you can't RUIN THEM. He's soiled those shoes. (they were in mint condition, after all he'd had them on for 5 seconds on her CARPET! she grabbed the box from my hand and said I'm going to box these up for you since they're ruined. (ARE YOU KIDDING ME? MY VOICE CRACKING AND ABOUT TO SOB!) I'll go ahead and ring these up for you, so you can leave. She took my debit card with the pair of shoes that my baby had "SOILED" and threatened to not let me leave til I HAD BOUGHT them, or she'd call the police. She continued to insult me saying that it was people like me that were driving such stores out of business and that we shouldn't be there. ! She purposely ridiculed me in front of her friend and customers. I couldn't get my debit card, in all this chaos it somehow WAS MISPLACED... I HAD TO CALL officers to come and clear up the situation. I couldn't get my card back because it was nowhere to be found. Those poor officers that seriously had to deal with a lady on a TRIP about loosing business to AMAZON? and who was unfairly insulting and forcing me to buy a pair of shoes??? I'd never felt so embarrassed in such an unjust situation. In all things that have happened, this one of the worst belittling scenarios I've been involved in because I HAD DONE NOTHING WRONG! I had honestly done nothing wrong! ( but maybe come in at a bad time wearing my scroungy work out clothes?) Am I not allowed to browse anymore? is that illegal? Is it not my personal prerogative to choose where I would buy something? WHETHER OR NOT IT'S TO BE CHEAP OR THRIFTY??? what the heck!! Anyways, this was a really sad experience for me especially since I am someone who grew up in poverty and do everything I can now to be wise financially and be responsible. I may not be someone who can afford everything in fancy store, but does this give the right for me to be treated this way? I know that a lot of people face discriminating issues everyday and this is just something small. Nevertheless, I hope this doesn't occur to anyone. It felt terrible and I hope that word spreads about people wrongly judging and mistreating others. Please think of what this would've felt like or what that kind of ridiculing criticism feels like. IT'S NOT OKAY TO OFFEND OTHERS OR JUDGE ANYONE ACCORDING, TO RACE, RELIGION, ORIENTATION, APPEARANCE, INCOME, ETC. Please pass this along to spread awareness of an unfair circumstance. REMEMBER "TO BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER")))
lots of love,

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I'm tired of having a private blog, I know its safer, and yes I do values the life of my child.. but it's insanely annoying and so therefore I'm done! I feel liberated.. i really do! So to all those blog stalkers out there, who were too embarrassed to give me their email addresses.. this is for you, enjoy!

and honestly we move so much it would be impossible for anyone to know where we lived at any given moment haha!

Day 2

On the second day at Disney, we all went to Hollywood Studios and Typhoon Lagoon. It was a BLAST! Hollywood Studios is a lot of Broadway plays, singing dancing, and a few "entertainment" type rides. My brother, sister, cousin and Jarom all went on the Tower of Terror, which I would NOT go on. It like a 30 story elevator that free falls. NOT my kind of ride. But they said it was awesome and I think they even rode it twice. There were also a bunch of roller coasters and little shops!

Here is a picture of all of us trying to get into Hollywood studios!

This was the Aerosmith Rockin' Roller coaster:

Here is Fae, Marlo and I waiting to watch the play Beauty and the Beast:

We all really loved it, Disney is just amazing, their actors are awesome, all the plays we saw were just perfect!

After spending the morning and half of the afternoon at holywood studios, we packed up and drove over to Typhoon LAgoon, where we DID swim with sharks, (they were not under plexi glass) rode ALL the water slides and took a snooze on the lazy river. There was also a super awesome wave pool that generated the biggest waves I've EVER seen. No Joke. HUGE, I got pulled out to the deep part and got so scared I high-tailed it right out of there. Jarom and I had an awesome time riding rides together while my mom watched Fae.. and then we also took Fae on some kiddie slides and of course the lazy river.

Fae loves her daddy!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

maybe its been a few weeks.. or months haha

So Jarom Fae and I have been on QUITE the Adventure this past month or so. After Jarom Graduated on April 9th, we packed up all our things and moved them to his parents basement. All our stuff (basically) fit into one bedroom of the basement, thus saving us a TON of money because we didn't have to get a storage unit. Once our stuff was packed away safely, we left for the LONG 8 hour drive to Spokane, no offense to Josh and Lindsay but that drive was the WORST haha! no, it wasn't really that bad, but Fae had started to get a cold, which made it so that we had to stop every two hours or so. It was such a relief when we finally got there, we even got our own bedroom for the few days we were there which was awesome cuz it made us feel more at home. It was awesome to see the City of Spokane, and was really fun to walk around and see everything. The following Friday we flew out at 5:45 AM and made it to Orlando at 6:30ish. We were FINALLY in Florida!! I can't even begin to tell you how much fun Disney World and Universal Studios were. It was incredible! I am going to up load a few pictures just to make you jealous haha ;)

After a Long day of Traveling, and lots of throwing up and drooling, I HAD to give Fae a bath ASAP. (If there is one thing I cant STAND it's when Fae is dirty.. I'm neurotic about it a little)

The first night we hung out at the hotel and ate pizza. We were all super tired from traveling. Even though he didn't get to come, my dad is the best grandpa ever! Baby Fae even remarked casually how much she enjoys his witty conversations and reparte. My mom, aunt, brother Colin, Sister Stephanie, Cousin Marlo, and Cousin Anthony all came from New York and met us right about the same time. We all tried to go to bed early so we could get up early the next day and get to Magic Kingdom. My little cousin Marlo (shes almost 4) went to a very special character breakfast. She was super excited and looked so cute in her ballerina dress (although she REFUSED to smile for the picture)

Later, we all met at Magic Kingdom:

Fae had so much fun that she fell asleep:

She even missed the Toy Story Ride!!! (she looks a little squished but I promise she was fine haha)

I don't know how she slept through it because it was super loud and very fast! But Definitely a MUST DO!!

Magic Kingdom was one of our favorites, it had some seriously awesome rides like space mountain, and toy story! It was so cool! ** At night they do an electrical Parade, which we went to on our last night in Disney.. therefore pictures will be on DAY 4)