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We are: Jarom, Erica and Fae Bowman- glad you stopped by our blog!

Monday, July 1, 2013

After we moved...

The Wednesday after we moved into our new home... we left yet again for a week vacation in Idaho to visit Jarom's family. As always, there was tons of good food and great company. Fae had a BLAST, I mean she cried so hard when we left, she wanted to play with all her "friends" (which by that she meant her 7 cousins).

It was nice to have a week of real relaxation- Jarom's parents are fantastic about giving us time to chil out without worrying about Fae.. or anything else.
Fae loves herself a good  Barbie Car! haha 

Fae and Lyla

We wen't to the zoo
Just missing Charley and Beau! 
I think this needs no explanation- Fae= Princess

Me, pretending I have 2 babies.. haha. 

Jarom Graduated!

Yep, the big day finalllllly came, my sweet, loving, smart husband finally graduated- we are done with the student life (which turns out is much easier than real life, but nonetheless).
Jarom was the Class President- so he sat up on the stage for the whole graduation. He also carried the Union Graduate College Flag up there- but I was late on the uptake and missed the photo opp.
He also gave a short speech to the graduates- he did a fantastic job! (I have the video on my facebook if anyone is interested)
Looking studious

Then after the Graduation the college held a small luncheon and we were able to talk with some of our friends and Jarom's prefessors. 

This is us with our Best Friend Aaron, we miss him SO much, and can't WAIT for him to come visit!!!!

My and my handsome man-ehem! I mean MBA-H man... haha Congrats Jarom you hard worker, you!

We Moved!

So, yes, we moved. At first it was sad, we all really did fall in love with NY, its beautiful there, and my family is there- so it was a pretty great way to spend the last 2 years. However, it was time to move on and move out- so after Jarom's graduation (literally, the day after) we started our journey to Taylor Mill, Kentucky.

Compared to our other drives- like the one from Idaho to NY, this one was pretty fast and not all that boring since instead of nothing-ness, there were cities and towns along the way. 

So anyway, we made it to our new home, our apartment is nice enough, unfortunately, the longest (and best) part of our sectional wouldn't fit through the door and so we are currently using the smaller two pieces- which isn't the worst thing, but it is kinda lame. 

That's what it looks like... haha 

Anyway, We've been exploring our little town, we have a walmart near-by which I swore off before we left NY.. unfortunately they are still the cheapest store, and we are on a strict budget... so I guess I have to leave the swearing off to a later date. There are some nice parks, and a cue library- which has lots of children's activities. So far so good, I'm sure it will start to feel more like home once we make some friends :)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Family pictures 2013.. for the second time haha

Yep, I'm a huge fan of having pictures taken.. I am getting better about candidly taking shots, but I still would like fantastic quality- awesome camera candid shots- so I hire people haha- since I lack that talent in a big time way. Here are a few of the photos I love best:

Monday, May 27, 2013

To the PARK!

Fae Loves the park, we pretty much go to a park everyday when the weather is nice. Today my family came with us! The second picture is funny she really isn't nervous, shes in fact VERY confident... maybe overly confident while climbing up to high- heights haha... but I thought it was cute and funny.  Hope you all had a nice weekend!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Old News

I don't really have any new-news, but I just realized that I never officially blogged about our new job! So, I'll do a little post here just because this is our family journal and important things like new jobs- or rather FIRST REAL jobs should be noted.

As many of you know, Jarom applied to over 20 fellowships across the country, (fellowships are sort of like what a residency is for a doctor) they are highly competitive  and was taken onsite to a lot of them, and offered three positions at three different health systems (yeah, I'm bragging cuz' he's a pretty slick guy). Long story short we took an offer from St. Elizabeth's Physicians in Crestview Hills Kentucky. So, June 17th we will be bidding New York adieu. We are both really excited for this new change, it will be so great to finally have a stable income- so that we can start saving for that sweet vacation- or first home ha ha. I'm so proud of my little Jarom, he is so fantastic, we've had a lot of road blocks in our 5 years together and I have to say he's the rock(et) that keeps us together and moving forward. I love that man.

Anyway, hopefully after a few months of Kentucky living, it will be appropriate for me to start saying "y'all" and adopting that country/southern/hick accent I hear they showcase out there.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My "rustic" wreath

I made this today- and I really like how it came out! :)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Right now

Lets see, right now I am sitting at the computer, looking for housing, watching Fae make a mess of Jarom's papers, and listening to the Nora Jones station on Pandora. But, aside from what I am physically doing, mentally I am in turmoil! I honestly can't believe how fast our time in NY has gone by, and how little I feel like we've been able to do (traveling and vacationing wise). We are moving in about 2 months, and there is still so much we have to accomplish- one of the most important being finding a place to live without being able to see them in person. I've never done this before and I'm pretty sure its kicking my butt. Anyway, I am confident that we will find something, and that we will successfully be able to call it (as well as make) it our home. 

In other news, I cut all my hair off! Jarom thinks I am rebelling, haha, but in reality I nearly shaved my hair off three weeks ago! I get so annoyed with it! I've just never had very pretty hair, and its so fine that holding any sort of style besides "up", is a huge task. So, because my dear friend Aaron gave me a gift certificate to Jean Paul Spa, I was able to get a fantastic, crazy cool, master haircut! I had such a fun time watching all my hair be cut off and fall limply, rather hideously to the ground. It was quite refreshing, and I absolutely LOVE the way it came out. Jarom has been telling me how sexy I look since I came home with my "new do" on Thursday- I have even been getting extra kisses and compliments so that's reassuring.

So Far I don't have any really good pictures of it when I wear it "down and pretty" but here is one of Fae and I and one of me by myself (self portraits are always the worst haha)
- I like to Faux Hawk it most of the time :) 

Anyway, I also got rid of my facebook for a while- strangely enough, it was before listening to conference today which seemed to dwell a lot on the use of technology- so I'll try to update on here more often! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Taking the Bird to the City

So I've been going a little stir-crazy lately, well more like a LOT stir-crazy so Jarom and I decided to take a trip to New York City, with Fae and our friend Aaron. While we were there we also got to hang out with another friend, Anjuli. It was a really awesome time, we went to the Bronx Zoo, The Museum of Natural History, Ruth's Chris Steak House, and walked around the city- even took Fae to Toys R US in Times Square- we were going to let her ride the Ferris Wheel but the line was ridiculous. We stayed in a nice Marriott near Times Square, which was awesome because we were central to everything and had a subway pretty close. We do love the city, but after this weekend I am glad we didn't accept a job there- it would be a pretty hard way of life for me to adjust to.

 wishing she could go swimming with the flamingos!

 Anjuli said she hadn't ever pushed a stroller before, so we let her have the honors!! haha :)
 Fae loved this!

 Aw Jarom and Aaron
 Aaron, me, Fae, Jarom and Anjuli
 She was seriously tired :)
This is blurry, but we went to see a short film "Ice Age- Age of the Dinosaurs" in 4D so the chairs vibrated, and bubbles blew at us, as well as water and air haha Fae got really scared about 6 minutes in and started crying!! Poor baby, Jarom took her out because I was really into the film haha! It actually was really cute and funny!