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We are: Jarom, Erica and Fae Bowman- glad you stopped by our blog!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Last night Jarom and I went to a GE "holiday" party, as much as I thought it would be lame to be hanging out with people I didn't know... I was proven wrong, it was very fun and we met a few couples that were our age, I really enjoyed it! We danced, (I got a new sexy dress), ate delicious food, and had a really great time getting to know some new people. We don't have any pictures of the shindig, of course, but they had these magnet pictures they made for groups, or couples, or whatever... and we had some of those done. All in all, I'd say I might go to another GE party, maybe ;)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sesame Street LIVE!

This morning, Fae, Marlo, My aunt and I went to see Sesame Street live! It was seriously so much fun! Fae LOVED it, she normally doesn't have a long attention span, she will not sit and watch movies...well she will watch Happy Feet, that's her favorite :) but normally she won't sit through a movie or TV show or anything, I think she just gets bored and wants to play. ANYWAY she loved it! she danced and sang and stayed very "in tune" the whole time! I will definitely take her again!!

Fae watching intently

Never smiling!!! But Lovin' it anyway!

Friday, January 27, 2012

We Love...

The Tree Padd!! It's so much fun! Although Fae never looks at the camera to prove it, she has a blast!! It's nice because she burns up all her energy and she will go to bed on time, or take a really nice nap!

Fae is so fun, I just love her so much!! She does of course, drive me crazy throughout the week, and as much as I'd sometimes like a break, I wouldn't have it any other way. She is my best little pal, we have so much fun together, and I love getting to know her sassy, smart, sweet personality!!

(Double chin much??)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

For the life of me...

I can not figure out why Fae refuses to smile for pictures! It is so annoying because I kid you not, she spends all day long smiling, saying hi to everyone she passes and laughing! It bugs me that she just wont give up that perfect precious smile!

Theres that baby face! Love my girl!

Here is one of her- it LOOKS like she is smiling, but she is actually trying to get away from daddy hahah

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I love to dream....

We have this neighbor, he lives downstairs, and he is very loud. We suspect he is going through some sort of mid-life-crisis... because of some things we've heard. Part of me feels bad, the other part wants to smash his speaker system into 10 million pieces and shove it down his throat. OK that was an over-reaction. But seriously, the other night was the worst! He blasted music so loud our apartment was shaking, SHAKING! And when we went down and knocked on the door, he refused to answer, and would only knock back... oooooo this made me so mad, (this wasn't the first time this has happened) I called the cops, who were not helpful. Surprise, surprise. They knocked for about a half an hour and the guy downstairs just refused to answer the door, he would switch the music from Miley Cyrus to Hakuna Matata. You know, the good stuff... haha (he is wierd) and throw things at the ceiling. One might ask what we were doing to deserve this treatment right? Let me paint a picture for you: Jarom, Fae and I had been out most of the day, came home around 8, watched a little TV and put Fae to bed around 9. The music started at 10. We were sitting on the couch talking, and doing some research on the computer when it started... so no, we weren't running around, or jumping, or doing anything loud at all, so we really don't know what we did to deserve this.

The music lasted 3 hours.. and nothing was done to stop it. He is apparently being evicted.. but good luck kicking someone out in the middle of winter in NY state.. I doubt it will happen.. which led me to give a little call (the 4th call about this same issue) to the land lord explaining that if something isn't done, we may look into breaking our contract.

Anyway, I titled this I love to dream because I want a house. The responsibility of a house is immense to me, but the perks so far out weigh it in my mind. I am so sick of apartment living, I could scream! Jarom keeps telling me that as soon as we graduate and get either a fellowship or a job, we will buy a house, but it really isn't helping, I just want it now!!! I'm so impatient!!

I'm not asking for much, just this ;)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

14 days of Valentines day...

Yes, I posted this on Facebook, of course, but I thought I would blog about it too. This year I decided to get Jarom 13 little gifts and 1 regular valentines gift which = 14 in all. They are very small, and consist of practical things, as well as fun things. I went to the Christmas Tree Shoppe, Walmart, the Dollar Store, and CVS to find cute bags, ribbons and containers to put them all in. (I never spent more than $0.50 on any of those things). And I had already been collecting things since after Christmas!
For each gift, I made a felt fortune cookie (the idea was from pinterest)- the "fortune" is the reason why I love him, which corresponds with the gift. I am sooo excited for February this year, because Jarom has been working so hard, and has made so many sacrifices for us, I thought he deserved something extra special to show him how much Fae and I appreciate him.

MY favorite time of day...

MY favorite time of day is when Fae first wakes up. She is warm and cuddly, and sweet and quiet. She lets me cuddle with her, kiss her, and read books to her. I love my girl, even if she makes it impossible to go grocery shopping, throws fits when she doesn't get her way, and has recently started throwing herself on the floor when she gets mad... all of these things pale in comparison to how much I love her! She really is sweet and fun and special. I LOVE her more than anything!

P.S I really did try to upload the Christmas video, but it seriously was too long, and was taking forever, so just know this: It was very fun to see Fae open her presents, once she finally got one open she would just want to play with it, and didn't understand there were more... for the next baby (if there is one) I'm just going to get him/her 1 present until they are 2! We had so much fun watching her and letting her play with the wrapping paper afterwards, which was her favorite part of all!


As most of you know, courtesy facebook, we got a treadmill! I've been beggin Jarom for one since we realized that trying to coordinate our schedules so we could join a gym just wasn't working. We looked around, saw a few from craigslist, but decided on the Golds Gym 480. Sounds intense right? haha We bought it from walmart.com and it came in the mail last saturday!! It's great! and it fits perfectly in the only amount of space we had left in our apartment haha. Its a little obtrusive when you first see it, considering you have to dodge it just to get into our living room, but that's something I'm willing to live with. I just love having my own treadmill, I mostly "power walk" on it, because if I want to run I have to do it in the day when our downstairs neighbor isn't home... he is annoying. I'm just excited because I really want to get back into pre-baby shape (yeah I know Fae is 15 months old.. leave me alone)... I mean I doubt anything will ever fit the same considering how the weight distribution is completely different now.. but I'm going to try my best!! I seriously recommend everyone buying their own treadmill :)

(oh and here is a little glimpse of the start of one of Fae's tantrums... she got time out for this actually, worked out well! She came out wanting to read books with daddy and give loves, my girl learns quick!! :) )

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Birthday

I know this is a blurry picture, but it is still really cute! My brother Kevin turned 21 yesterday, so we had a small family dinner today for his, and delicious cheesecake!

These ones are just to show how wierd Jarom gets around my family:
Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Here is Fae and I:

Fae and Stephanie:

Fae attacking me!

Tinkerbell and Sleeping beauty

Fae loves playing with her cousin Marlo, so when my grandma was in town, she brought Marlo to our house to play. Marlo brought "dress-ups" for her and Fae, they looked so cute, but of course wouldn't sit still for a picture (which made my grandma REALLLLLLY mad haha, I think she forgets how kids are).. I really need to get like a sports camera so I can take action shots!

Don't mind Fae making her new and very cheesy smiley face. Actually, its so cute, I need to video tape it.

Sleeping beauty Marlo

Playing nice together!!

Sometimes I throw fits...

Excited, because I got on my chair.. and am trying to stand on it (which is a no, no.)

Upset that mommy took me off to take a lame picture.

REALLY mad that mommy wont let me get back on my chair.

Totally losing it!

Fae has always been pretty early with everything (except eating solid food, which we are still working on)... she crawled at 6 months old, and walked/ran by 10 months old. She says a few words (mommy, dada, puppy, no, belly, pen, mine, go, hi.. and some others... most of which are only translate-able by me haha) but a few words nonetheless. Lately, however, we have been experiencing the terrible 2's!!! WAY TOO EARLY! there is the hitting, spitting, pinching, "mine mine mine", and throwing full blown tantrums, rolling on the floor, screaming ETC. It seriously came out of nowhere. Where is my sweet princess baby?? I hope shes not gone forever! No, I know shes not, and in fact, when she is feeling happy, she gives a ton of kisses, hugs, laughs and smiles. She jokes and teases, and has the most hilarious sense of humor. Anyway back to the tantrums, time-out has been pretty great, she totally understands when I say it's time for her to go time out (because of screaming or whatever), and I do 10 minutes... yeah that sounds long, but the first 5 minutes she screams, and the second 5 minutes she relaxes herself. Then I go over and ask her if shes ready to be sweet, she usually says yes (nods, she is a genius I swear) and gives me a kiss, and we go on with our day! I really hope I'm doing the right thing, cuz it really seems to be working!!