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We are: Jarom, Erica and Fae Bowman- glad you stopped by our blog!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

And, we have a winner!

We are proud to announce that we can now officially be called, the
"First Family!"
You can now refer to me a Mrs. First Lady.

(I'm trying to be funny, not pretentious)

Last night, Jarom found out that he has been chosen/ "elected" to be the
Union Graduate College
Student Body President!

We are so proud of him! Jarom is one of the hardest workers I know, and he is always willing to do more, and push his self further, I know that he will make a great student body president!! Congrats Jarom!!

Monday, May 21, 2012


Where to start, Christina and I have been friends for a long time... not since we were born, and maybe not even until I was about 8 or 10 did we really become good friends. I hear stories about how I was mean to her (when I was younger) and didn't want to go to one of her birthday parties.. haha but that is probably likely, I was a little sassy growing up (okay, I still am) But anyway, Christina was my best friend throughout my childhood/ teenage-hood, and now one of my closest adulthood friends ( I would have to say Jarom is my best friend, but duh, he's my husband) She was always such a beautiful example to me, she was always strong int he gospel (still is) has wonderful parents (whom I adore) and is married to a great guy (who Jarom and I both like, and respect very much) She is funny and kind and has an awesome, cute, wild mannered little boy who is full of personality and spunk. Fae and James get along very well, they yell at each other, hit, kick, and throw things at each other but they also hug and kiss a LOT! They love chasing each other and getting into trouble. I love seeing them play together.
I really enjoyed being able to spend time with Christina while she visited here for the last 3 weeks. I really miss having a good friend around, but I am so happy that even though we live far from each other, don't talk on the phone everyday and have both have had major changes in our lives, we are still good friends. She is still the calm and collected, "lets think things through" kind of person and I am still the "lets just DO IT!" kind of person. I am really going to miss her! I hope that someday our little children will be as good of friends as we were (are)!

This is a picture of Christina and I, in our favorite pose :)

HA! this is Fae, after being rejected from a kiss on the cheek, she decided to just sit on top of him and kiss his lips! wowwwy! She is my girl :)

Fae and James watching Toy story, both babies were exhausted! And neither of them had naps that day...
This is my beautiful friend and her little one, although he is not very little, he is super tall and strong!
Sorry about the blurry picture, I tried to get a picture of them sharing their neclaces.. but Fae neever stops moving so, it was hard haha...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I shouldn't complain

Mothers day was quite uneventful, no I didn't wake up to breakfast in bed, my 5 carat diamond ring was not it a little box on a pillow for me to open when I woke up, and no there was not a huge bouquet of flowers waiting for me in the kitchen. I woke up to a baby calling "mommmy!!! mommmmmmy!!" from her crib, and a sleeping husband refusing to get up and get her.
At an earlier time in my life, I would have complained, I would have woken up with a bad attitude and refused to talk to Jarom because he had forgotten mother's day (like he forgot my birthday and mother's day last year). I would have thrown a fit that I didn't have flowers, or candy or a sweet thoughtful gift, but not this year. Jarom and I have been through a lot together, happy times, sad times, a baby, financial struggles, and just having bad luck. But at this time, right now, we are just right, and that's why I'm not complaining. We have a perfect little girl, who is so smart, and so loving and sweet. (she is also beastly but it's okay, I would forgive her anything- shes so cute). I have a husband, who aside from being a little less romantic than I'd like, is adoring and sweet and funny. Not to mention incredibly smart and handsome. We are doing well in school, and are planning our move to North Carolina soon so Jarom can intern at the Duke University Health care system. Things are going in the right direction, and I really couldn't ask for more. I'm so thankful forJarom, for standing by me when I need him, for supporting me (which sometimes takes a LOT) while I'm in school, and for helping me raise our beautiful daughter. Those two are the biggest blessings in my life, and while a sweet new pair of earrings or a bouquet of flowers would have been nice, all I really want is them. So thank you to the two of them, my wonderful Jarom and precious Fae for helping me become a mother. I can't imagine my life without you!

I just love these people!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Yesterday Fae, Jarom and I went on a small 2 mile hike, and to my surprise, Fae did the whole thing by herself! (I mean we carried her over the super muddy parts solely because we didn't want her to fall in the mud and get more
dirty than she already was). It was a lot of fun, and Fae did great! she didn't complain or anything, in fact, I think she just loved being out in the woods. She is so funny, and has this little thing... I'm hoping it is just a childhood fetish, but she loves to collect rocks, mostly little ones but sometimes large ones too. She was trying to grab them every 2 seconds while on the trail and when her hands got full she would just drop them down her shirt (onesie) and get more haha! we had to empty out her shirt throughout the hike and at the end as well. (there were like 6 little rocks in there when we made it back to the car, plus the 3 in her hands! She is so silly, but I just think she is AWESOME! (the pictures below are in backwards order, the one on the bottom is at the beginning, and the one at the top is at the end.. not that it matters, I'm just saying)

Ok, do NOT judge me, I look rather inflated in this picture but I promise its the angle of the camera and I'm blaming it on my outfit haha... leave me alone!
This is Fae's cheesey smile, but I swear she really did like the hike!
Fae and Daddy looking at the "wawa"

This was a little bit into the hike, a bridge over the creek...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jarom gets his clubs...

For Jarom's birthday, back in March, his gift was a set of golf clubs... however we had a budget of $150... and therefore we were pretty sure we would be buying used ones and or cheap ones... fortunately we went to Dicks Sporting goods on a whim and found a brand new, great set for cheap! He was so excited! The clubs didn't come with a bag, but one of his friends from school just happened to have a brand new, with tags and everything bag that is the same brand as his clubs! So we actually came in on budget! (If you golf, you know what I mean.. everything about the sport is expensive) So, now that he has his own clubs, he can finally schedule that professional golf lesson I got him (to go with his birthday present). And don't tell him this, but he needs it :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Family pictures

I love having our picture(s) taken for a few reasons, #1, I feel like a movie star, #2 pictures capture beautiful moments and #3 I love my family, but hardly get around to taking pictures on my own, so once every few months it's nice to have them done professionally!

The woman in our [church] ward, Janet, is such an amazing photographer, I like her because she is willing to try things my way, even when they may sound silly, because she knows photoshop (haha) and because her photography style is very natural. I appreciate the raw images just as much as the photoshopped ones! She is also very patient and willing to help!

This year, for Fae's 18month pictures, and our 4 year anniversary pictures, I decided to go with a "classy/country living" theme.. which is not true to our real life in any way, but is a cool idea haha.

Here are some pictures, Family members, don't be shocked when you get one of these in the mail haha.. [these were also posted on my facebook wall.. but for those of you who don't look at that, here they are].

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pancakes- home made Style

I don't LOVE pancakes.. but I do like them, and every once in a while they really hit the spot. One thing I do NOT like is a boxed pancake mix... I've eaten them a few times, but they really just aren't as good as the home made ones! (Also I think it's hilllllarious that they have whole wheat pancakes ((in a box mix)) that is supposed to be healthier for you because they are whole wheat but then you have to add like a half a cup of vegetable oil, or melted butter... HA!)

So, here's the how to, it's so easy an ERICA could do it... that's my new thing, instead of cave man, get it, see what I did there? haha.. (that was for you Jarom!)

What you need:
Baking Powder

How to:
Combine 1&1/4 cups flour, with 2 TBS of sugar, 2TSP of baking powder, 1 egg, and 1 cup of milk (or more... I usually add a splash more) 1 tsp salt

Set griddle to a medium temperature, or heat skillet at medium heat.. pour, and wait till the batter sets. (It will bubble at the top.. to tell if it's ready to flip, pop a bubble, if it fills back in, it's not ready).

Flip and enjoy! (you can also add fresh fruit to make it even better!)
(We also make home made syrup-- no not from a maple tree, but we use mapeline)