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We are: Jarom, Erica and Fae Bowman- glad you stopped by our blog!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Alright, so we have officially moved to Rexburg Idaho. At first I didn't think it would be to bad, but we've been here for like 3 days and it is killing us! Our apartment isn't all that terrible, although the kitchen floor is permanantly stained and the fridge was not cleaned out, nor was most of the house, so it was extremely annoying to have to do that all over again... AFTER the lady was like "well the people before you guys decided not to clean, so I guess they had to pay me to clean it for them" yeah right, the place was disgusting, I would never hire her.
anyway, We have everything set up, and my things look cute in here, obviously haha just joking. We haven't been to church yet, so I wonder how our ward will be, I'm sure it will be fine, although with school wards if you miss like one sunday your considered inactive, so thats lame. Also, I swear that everyone has babies here, there is not one front yeard (including ours) that doesnt have some sort of blow up pool and baby toys strewn about. It's ok I guess, maybe now I wont want one so bad. It's doesn't matter anyway because Jaro was very specific when he said "no." haha.
I will put up some pictures of our new place soon.

Oh, I almost forgot, Our Trip:
First we will be going to Lava Hot Springs with Jarom's family August 4-7, then we are headed to West Palm Beach Florida for our super sweet post wedding honeymoon. We will be there from August 7-13
Then We are going to upstate NY to visit the Lake with my family for like a week and a half-ish! how fun for us! hahaha (I'm reallly excited)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So on Wednesday, and Friday Jarom and I get out of school at 11:15, which is cool, except for the fact that we have to drive and half hour there and back, for one class. So on Wed. we checked out our new apartment, and this weekend we will be moving up to rexburg whoot whoot! haha, I'm sure it will be alright, the apartment is not nearly as nice as the one we are in now, but I'll have to get over that or so Jarom says.
But anyway, the reason I titled this entry "love" is because before we got married my mom asked me "are you going to be happy even if your poor and you can't have all the little things you want?" (for those of you who knew me when I lived with my parents, you know I would get almost anything I ever wanted haha) and I told her "we will never be poor, and even if we are, I won't care because I'll be in love" She laughed and said "alllright" and I thought that was the end, but I was thinking about this the other day, and I realized I was both right and wrong about in how I answered her question. I was wrong about the part where I said we would not be poor, turst me, we're poor, but I ws right about the other part.
There have been times when I've cried because we couldn't afford to do something, or got upset because I wasn't able to buy the things my friends could, but I just want to give a shout out to Jarom right now. He is better than anything I could ever buy, eat, wear, or visit. HE is my best friend, and I am so happy with him! Even when he body slams me, or trips me while we're walking in the mall, he is mine! He is so nice to me, which I know can be hard sometimes, and he kisses me all the time, he tells me I'm not gaining weight, when I know I am (which is probably the nicest thing ever), and when I'm feeling like I just can't take it anymore, he listens to me.
If I had known that I could have been married to my best friend 4 years ago, I would have.
Anyway, that's my little shout out to Jarom, it's just too bad he never reads our blog haha.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Well, as many of you know, it was my birthday on May 8th, I am finally "legal" I am 21, so I can pretty much do whatever I want!
Anyway, I had a pretty awesome day, and I really should have taken pictures because
I made Jarom go to a yoga class with me! and then we both got manicures.
He told me to go with one of my girl friends, but it was my birthday
and I wanted to be with my best friend!
So, nonetheless, he came, and whether or not he would like to admit it, he enjoyed it.
Then, Jarom had this killer idea to build a desk, so we went to lowes and
got all the wood. Literally we made it from scratch. We just put the final coat of paint on it today,
so when it's totally finished, I will post a picture.
So, that was my birthday-day.
On Saturday, our friend Jake and Brit (from twin falls) came down and had dinner at the olive garden with us...
AMAZING. They have this new dish, lasagna rolitinni's with grilled chicken and fontina chesse sauce all over it. I can't imagine anything better.
That was fun too!
Oh! I almost forgot, JArom's mom got me a cake! and that was really sweet, it was pretty good too, so she let us take it home haha, and, she also got me a big clock.
I've been wanting one, so that was pretty awesome.
Anyway, my mommy called me, and she gave me 50 bucks! which was totally awesome and much appreciated seeing as how we are both in school (and unemployed).
Well, happy birthday to me..

Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend with my aunt!

Sorry, I havent poster in a long while, but I've just been busy, incase you all don't know, Jarom and I have recently started school, his classes are a lot harder than mine, becuse unfortunately, I get to start ALL over from the begining and take all my generals again! yay for me! not. Anyway, I like being up there with him, it's cool because monday wednesday and friday we have class at the same time, and we leave at the same time, and on Tuesday and Thursday we have the same lunch break, and we're done at the same time! So, we get to see eachoter all the time! haha no, its really cool.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago my aunt fron NY came to Utah to visit me, everything was pretty much messed up though because the airlines lost her luggage, so all her clothes were lost and we spent most of the trip buying new clothes! But, it's not like we had any big plans anyway. I was so excited to see them, I love my aunt she and I are pretty close, and I was also excited to see the baby! Well, shes a year and a half, but shes so busy! Her name is Marlo, and she gets into EVERYTHING. Shes so busy! I miss her sweet face. She was so good for us while we shopped and ate, she was perfect! I miss her!!

Anyway, my aunt has all the real pictures, I only have a few:

This is marlo and I! She was watching her care bear movie and i snagged a shot.

Well, maybe she got a little fussy, but that was because her mom was eating all the food! haha My aunt loves good food, and aparently these guys had the best mexican around.. we stopped there twice in one day.

Anyway, it's too bad I don't have any pictures of Jarom and I but, I thought of chef JB when I saw this:

Anyway, I miss them both, and I wish my mother would have come to visit too, but it's okay, I'll seem them this summer.

Well, I finally got the other pictures but I can't download them.. so click here: