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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Side Note:


Today I felt ambitious, so I made a chicken pot pie, I've never done this before, but I thought what the heck, my friend Whitney (who lives upstairs.. who Jarom complains that I'd rather be over there with her than with him haha) gave me the recipe and it came out delicious! so thanks Whitney!

New York, New York!

When we first got to my parents house, my mom wanted to take us on a "quick hike", I'm not sure what it was called, Lishakill I think, so anyway, this is Jarom and I near a small river in the woods. Anyway, unfortuantely we only got this one shot, but later that week we went to a family reunion at my cousins' John and Toni's house.

ME n my MOM

Then later still, we attended my friend Hannah's wedding, she looked amazing! and so did her hubby! so here is one of Hannah and nick, and Jarom Scarfing down some chicken wings, and me and my dad doing a "daddy-daughter dance" --
Seriously, this was so funny, We got to Hanna's reception a little late (we were lost), and so they were going to put the food away-- we were all hungry but JArom went and seriosuly got like an entire heaping plate of food. he comes back and he's like "hey guys, I got some for everyone." haha he's so cute, hes the best husband in the whole world.. thanks for looking out for us Jar! This is my dad and I dancing together.. aww how cute.

Alright, then the next week we went up to the Lake house, here are some wildlife pics: (Fortunately we didn't see any bears this time)

Just Deer
And Water, and Mountains.. This is our lake: Blue Mountain Lake.

K We also went hiking.. I went on ONE hike, and it was the worst. haha

Jarom climbed up on some rocks and took a picture of my mom and I hiding from the rain This is Jarom overtaking the world.

And this is Jarom "surviving" the rain storm that came upon us during this hike.

This is us nearing the Top.. the one of Jarom overtaking the wrold is the view at the top.. it was foggy.

Here are some pictures of Jarom, me and my family!

Here is Jarom and Colin

Jarom and Stephanie

My family plus my mom's dad and his wife.

This is Stephanie, me and Gavin! (My Half brother Jordan's son)

OK, onto NYC, I only have a few pictures, I didn't feel like carrying around my camera:

ME in Times Square.. I was tired.

My aunt and I.. same place, all of these pics are blurry sorry!

Oh yes, she was serious haha.. look at that butt crack!


ME trying to bargain with "those guys" for a cheaper price on a bag.. haha I won.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our Amazing Vacation

So, every summer (or so I'm told) Jarom's family takes a trip to Lava Hotsprings, so here are some pictures from that part of our vacation.

This is Lucy and I! we were all getting ready for the pool so I was playing with Lucy! hat a cute baby huh?

This is Jarom and I before he went to float down the river. I did it last year, but I was not going to do it this year. I'm not sure what the big deal is since it's cold, and not fun, but he likes it!
Anyhow, This is ( I think ) Jarom Rachel and Lindsay, I could be wrong. So that's that, now for the Real fun, our trip to PALM BEACH TRICK!
So This was our hotel, and literally it was ON THE WATER. It's funny because It wasn't the nicest hotel that we've ever stayed in, but they had a lot of free services going for them, so we wont complain, and we would DEF stay here again.

Our room was on this side, and we had a balcony facing towards the Ocean.

This was our beach, we just walked across the street and landed our awesome selves right here on this beautiful beach!

We built a sand castle, obviously.

The finished product, we went around and collected some cool shells to decorate it/ keep.

These are SOME of the ones we kept. Jarom found that Quarter, and he thought it was like hidden buried treasure he was so excited haah

So during our trip we had to walk across this big bridge to get to the Town of Lake Worth, Palm Beach was a little further away, so we went to Lake Worth a lot for lunch and dinner.

This was the actual lake, but it opened up to the ocean, so I don't really know if it's a lake or if it's just a smaller part of the ocean? That's our hotel in the background..

While on our exploration, we found this totally awesome trees, Jarom tried climbing them but they STUNK! Really, they smelled a little bit like pee and animal droppings so we didn't stay too long.

Anyway, There are WAY too many pictures to put up, so I'll skip some of them, and go to this: We went Snorkeling with a "team" called KeyLypso, it was so much fun, the water was crystal clear, and we saw tons of fish!

I look scary, but we had to get up early that day, and take a city bus all the way to west palm city.. which was SO nice by the way, so here we are on the boat getting ready to snorkel.

These are some pictures of us under the water, now that I think about it we should have taken a picture of us all geared up! oh well.

You have to look at the very top of this picture to see anything

That big brown thing in the water is a MANATEE, we weren't allowed to get out and snorkel with it, but we took a picture from the boat.. pretty cool..
Here are just a few more of our beach, and where we stayed and things like that...

This is us on the Pier that was on our beach. a TON of people were fishing, and there was this restaurant at the end of it, I think they would buy the fish people caught. We also saw some dolphins jumping out of the water, but it was quite far off so we couldn't get a clear picture. Still cool though.

We stayed on South Ocean BLVD as you can see, a rich little town RIGHT outside west Palm beach City.

The water was seriously amazing, it was so warm and beautiful every single day, and did I mention how it didn't rain the ENTIRE TIME we were there!
These little Lizards were everywhere, I mean everywhere, they were so fast, this was the only picture we got, they were at the hotel, they were in the road, on the beach, in the swimming pool, literally everywhere.

Before we actually went snorkeling, Jarom wanted to do a little diving of his own, so we bought a snorkel and he patrolled the beach.. that's where he found most of the cool shells we took home. DANG I'm married to a sexy guy.

There was a board walk behind us (at the beach) and we spent some time shopping and eating up there, we got a bunch of free pizza from this little italian guy who had a crush on me haha.

Well, there are more pictures, and I will try to put them up at a later time, but I'm waiting for pictures from my mom from when we were in NY, I have some, but I want them all! We had an amazing time in Florida and we can't wait to go back.. which we will for absolute SURE!