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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Poor baby Fae had to get her 2 month shots today (yes, I know shes almost 4 months old.. but I don't like shots! and I didn't want to give them to her any earlier because she was so little!)

She did pretty well.. I mean of course she screamed bloody murder after they did it, but now (2 hrs later) she is happy and smiley again :) I love my girl!

Here are her little leggies...

sad day...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the last one

Just as a side note, to see ALL the posts, you may have to click "older posts" at the bottom of the page because I updated so many times...

Anyway, on with this post. I just wanted to take a minute to talk about this things I am grateful for.
1. Jarom, I love him so much, he make me so happy and take such good care of our little family. He is so smart and is going to graduate in April, and then we are off to grad school. He is an amazing father, and helps out way more than I could ever ask for. HE is kind and generous with me and is always patient... which I need. He is my best friend and I couldn't live without him! (well I could, but it would def. suck).

2. Fae, what can I say. my little girl has such a sweet spirit, she is tender hearted and doesn't like loud noises.. or yelling. she smiles all the time and her happy face just melts my heart. Sometimes I cry just looking at her because she is so perfect and beautiful. I am so excited to get to know her personality more and more.. she is such a blessing to me and to our family.

3. (#3 ties with number 1) The gospel.. I know it sounds cliche, but without it I wouldn't be able to be with my family for forever. I can't imagine that. I love them so much I want to always be with them! I love that the church helps us to be better people, and that God is always there for us. I'm going to get a little preachy here, and for those of you who aren't LDS, bear with me.. I have a firm testimony of prayer, and I know that God listens and answers them.

4. Air Planes. Without them, I would hardly EVER get to see my family... and that would be the WORST!

5. (#5 is in the middle of #2 and 3) I am so grateful for my parents and siblings, aunts and uncles, and grandparents and cousins. I couldn't ask for a better family, they made me who I am, and lets be honest.. thats pretty awesome ;)This goes for Jarom's family as well.. because without them, I wouldn't have my Jarom, and I don't think anyone would be as perfect for me as he is.

6. My job, and babysitters.. as much as I love Fae, I love "me time" and I love my job. I am so thankful for it!! I am also thankful for willing babysitters that I trust to give Jarom and I time to be alone.

7. And maybe this ties with number 1, but Fae sleeping through the night.. she has been doing that for about 2 months now.. its the best!! ;) swaddling is key ;)

There are a million more things I am grateful for, but thats it for now!!!

basketball game

My sister plays Varsity basketball on her high school team, we went, I took some pictures but they didn't come out very good, my camera isn't really built for speed shots.. but here they are anyway:

Stephanie is the one sitting to the left of the coach getting ready to go in...

Then here is a funny picture of Fae, and also one with grandma and Grandpa!!

I also went to Colin's wrestling match (both my brothers wrestle, but Kevin's match was like on the day I was leaving and kinda far away.. ) AND they are both really good! Colin won his match, and unfortunately I don't have any pictures, I thought I did but I must have taken them on my mom's camera! oh well! (he pinned his guy.. in case you were wondering)

Fae's First time swimming

Ok, this post is about traveling with an infant.. not the most fun thing I've even done, but worth it all the same. As many of you know, Jarom, Fae and I went to New York this past week to visit with my family... like in the previous post. But I wanted to put some of the travel pictures on here too.

This is Fae in the hotel! We took the shuttle to Utah the night before and stayed at a hotel so we didn't have to rush the next morning, here are some pics:

This is Fae's first time in a pool! It doesn't look like she liked it much, and honestly I'm not sure if she did haha, but she didn't cry at all, but I did take her out when she seemed to be getting cold..

Here she is with daddy getting nice and warm after we took her out of the pool!

Then here we are in the hotel room getting ready for bed!!! She is such a good girl, and always ALWAYS sleeps through the night!! I think I'm pretty fortunate-- with that--

here we are at the air port!!! she looks super nervous about getting on the plane huh?? I know we were! but she slept the entire time!! it was awesome!! (wish i could say the same about the way home)

watching the airplanes come in...

all in all she did great!! it was a fun trip home!! love my family :)

The new toy (s)...

My brother Kevin bought Fae this AWESOME exersaucer.. it is so cool! I put it together on Monday and she LOVES it! Thank you Uncle Kevin!!!

then, like I said before we got her a johnny jump up, and she looks so small in it! If you are wondering, which you probably are, why she is in a closet haha, its because the door ways in our apartment don't have room on the top for the clip to hang from, so the only option was jarom's closet! It's kinda messy but don't mind it.

Monday, January 24, 2011

BYU-I Sucks

It really does. I'm sorry if you are offended by this post, but I hate that school. They are so cheap! and I don't mean their tuition.. I mean they feel like they have to get right with everyone! I'm so sick of it!
First I have some people tell me we can't take our trash out because the garbage bins are full, so I'm supposed to store garbage IN MY HOUSE. Ok, I pay to be able to take the garbage out. I pay for that service! What is that matter with people!
Then, I can't use the gym because I'm not a student, and it doesn't matter if my husband is a student either, it will cost us $100 A MONTH to use that homely gym, ARE THEY JOKING!
Not to mention that when I went back to school a couple semesters ago, I had to RETAKE ALL OF MY CLASSES because they switched to foundations... (then come to find out, my counselor was wrong and I didn't really have to do that)
THEN! Jarom's financial aid just didn't come in and we had to pay for everything UP FRONT until they could reimburse it.
I am SO annoyed right now! can you tell??

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The baby shower

My family is amazing. That's it! Amazing! one word. They made Fae's baby shower absolutely amazing!

First I just have to recognize the amount of work and time that was put into it by my mother, cousins, aunts, and grandmas! They made everything so beautiful and I appreciate them so much!!

Here are some pictures:

This is the cake, it was an Almond sheet cake.. I didn't get to have any, but I heard it was DELICIOUS! My cousin Amanda wrote Fae's name on it.. she is just so talented! Wait until you guys see the stinkin' cupcakes she made oh my gosh, I told her she needed to minor in the culinary arts!

Here are the cupcakes (They were all in the shape of baby rattles! and each and every single one was different, they were SO CUTE!):

Then, Amanda's mom Toni made this beautiful Diaper cake which I'm sure took forever since every single diaper had a tiny hair tie around it!

My Cousin Jody made the cutest party favors I have ever seen! she made like 30 of them, all perfect, but here is a close up of just one of them:

And she also made a DELISH fruit platter... with my favoriteeee FAVORITE fruit dip! (Sour cream and jelly)

Then, my Aunt Binny made such a yummy soup, it's my favorite! Its called Italian wedding soup, yum yum yum!!!! Toni and Amanda also made pulled pork which was by far the best I've ever had, no offense Jarom!!! (I love yours too)

My moms Friend Dianna made a squash soup that I didn't get to try but heard was wonderful,and my mo made a mexican corn chowder soup which was really good also!
Oh and also, thank you to my grandma Selin for letting us have it at her house!

AND THANK YOU ALL for the beautiful, thoughtful, spectacular gifts! Little Fae is pretty much a fashion queen now :)
I really hope I didn't leave anyone out, if I did, let me know, it's just hard for me to remember everything!!!

If you click on this link: http://secure.smilebox.com/ecom/openTheBox?sendevent=4d6a497a4d44417a4e544e384d546b314e4441324d7a4d3d0d0a&sb=1 or copy and paste it, you will see a cute slide show of the whole event!

I love my family!

This is Fae enjoying her time with the family!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

pictures of pictures

Ok, so I decided that I wanted to have pictures done again of Fae in her blessing dress, and JC Penny is smart, unlike sears and blocks their pictures from being saved and copied... so, here are picture of pictures, they aren't super clear, but as soon as I get the real things, I will scan them onto the computer. For now, here is a preview of the beauty queen.

Oh and one more... I also did some of her just in her diaper cuz' shes so stinkin' cute:

For those of you who don't know what a baby blessing is, in our church, when a baby is born they are given a name- the same name that is written on her birth certificate, and are basically blessed to have a prosperous life on this earth. Jarom did a beautiful job bestowing the blessing. I had tears rolling down my face.. which doesn't happen often.. he is such an amazing husband and father, and i know that we will have the best time raising this little girl together. I love you Jarom!

New York...

My posts are going to be a little out of order, because Jarom took the camera home with him, and I do want to post pictures of Fae's traveling experience.. but I guess you all will have to wait.. terrible, i know, I feel your pain. Haha anyway, here is some of what we have been up to in New York!

Of course everyone just LOVES little Fae (who isn't so little anymore) They all fight over who can feed her, hold her, change her etc. Which honestly couldn't be better! Not that I don't absolutely LOVE taking care of this little princess, but I could use a slight break every once in a while.
This is Stephanie and Marlo feeding the baby... how cute :)

Even Kevin has a soft spot for her...

And she LOVES him, especially when he's feeding her haha.. this girl loves her a warm bottle!

Recently I bought a jumperoo or whatever you call them, I haven't gotten it in the mail yet, but my mom borrowed one from a friend to see if Fae liked it.. she didn't complain too much although I think she is a little too small for it just yet.
PLEASE don't study the picture too much, my brothers room is a MESS behind there... don't worry my mom keeps a very clean house.. Colin's room however is an uncharted territory.

Oh, here is one of momma and baby! Gotta love this girl! she is so sweet!

Great, yes GREAT Grandma Lorry (Great Grammy)with the little love bug...

And here is one of grandpa and Fae...

And here is what we like to call "Scholarly Fae" well, you can't tell from the picture, and I know it looks like she is nearly asleep, but as I read her this book, she babbled on and on and on right along with me.. this girl is SMART! oh my gosh, I LOVE HER! (duh)

I want to make a post about the baby shower,as well as her baby blessing however I don't have all the pictures yet, so I'm waiting on those, and then there will be another post, and probably one that follows that one.. so stay tuned! My family did such an amazing job on everything for the baby shower, I just have to make sure and get pictures of everything... I love them so much! thanks guys!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

take 2

Some people (mainly mom mother) didn't believe Fae rolled over by herself, so here is take 2! PROOF!

Monday, January 10, 2011


I went to the D.I today to find Fae a bathing suit for when we go to the hotel tomorrow...

I am planning on getting her this bathing suit:

when we get to New York.. for when we go to DISNEY WORLD in April!!

It also comes with a matching cover up:

She will be the sweetest Strawberry shortcake there is!


One of our friends gave us a Bumbo before they moved.. and Fae is just starting to sit up in it without falling over!! Shes my strong smart lovely girl! I just need to get a tray for it so that I can use it as a high-chair... :)

I LOVE her ears. They are the BEST!

Happy, happy, happy :)


Sunday, January 9, 2011

ok ok ok I know!

One more, I'm sorry but I have to post this! she is so smart, she usually has her hands on her bottle, but doesn't really hold it up or anything, but today she is being a BIG girl :( yes, thats a sad face cuz my little baby is growing up, and is holding her bottle all by herself! AND is lifting it up to make more milk come down.. oh my gosh what am I going to do with her?!

Roll over, roll over...

I know it looks like Jarom is helping her roll over, but he wasn't! I promise this girl will roll over any time you put her on her belly cuz she hates it!


We are all dressed for church!!!

Apparently Fae was excited to go to church today.. but when we got there, she wasn't as happy haha..

Friday, January 7, 2011

ok one more cuz' shes cute

yes, she's wearing a robe haha isn't it cute :) shes the best!
LOOK AT THAT FACE!! don't you just want to eat it up?!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

she laughs.... yes, she does!

Before the video, I would like to announce that Jarom got into UNION COLLEGE!!! (we are not sure we will be going there, but still) YAY!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The cutest things...

Fae is just growing so fast!! I don't even know what to do with her any more!! It's like once we've figured out how to deal with one thinng she changes and starts doing something new!! We just love our girl so much and can't get enough of putting her in cute clothes, kissing her chubby cheeks, which I hope never go away... and taking her out on the town just to show her off haha.. ok maybe I just do that... but shes so CUTE! I have to share a bit of truth right now: When I was pregnant, I was so scared that our baby wouldn't be cute, not just of that, I was scared that she wouldn't be cute but I would think she was!! haha that probably sounds so stupid but seriosuly!!! Once I saw her sweet little face and her huge cheeks, I knew she was cute haha
So anyway, here are some cute pictures:

I was going through her "big girl clothes" and came across this 12month tank top, I thought it would be a cute dress!! haha in the second picture she is making a funny face haha she is sucking in her lips! I tell her not to do that all the time, but she just doesn't listen:) silly girl!

She now loves to "talk" to herself i the mirror, it's probably one of her favorite activities!! What a girl haha... I wonder who she takes after... not meee ;)

For Christmas she got a baby doll.. and she likes to eat it!! she will eat the baby.. well I call it "giving kisses" for like an hour at a time!! she loves her!!

She is also SO smiley!! sometimes I'll creep up on her while shes playing to discover that she is smiling and laughing at her toys!!! She is the best!!! Maybe I'm speaking out of love here, but my baby is DANG cute!!

Jarom loves to take baths with Fae.. and she loves it! she has toys and stuff and just plays and plays until big bad mommy comes in to take her out haha.. that, she doesn't like so much. But if any of you were ever wondering whose kid she is.. it's pretty obvious don't you think?


On a side note, our time here in Idaho is coming to a close, last Sunday JArom's brother (and best friend) Josh and his wife lindsay and their cutie pie baby Lucy moved to Spokane Washington for Grad School. Jarom is still sad about it, but I told him not to worry, we will be seeing them soon! In April actually.. Jarom Graduates April 9th!! WOOHOO!! He is so smart, and I am soo proud of him!! I am excited to see what our next big move brings!
So far here are the Grad schools we are applying to:
- Union College (In NY)
- University of Florida (Gainesville FL)
- University of South Carolina (SC)
- One in Kansas... not sure of the name, and
- One in Oklahoma...
- oh and his Number one choice.. my number.. LAST choice= Saint Louis University...

So, it's pretty obvious that we will be saying goodbye to the west coast for a while.. but I am totally okay with that! :) I really hope to go to NY or Florida.. but it all comes down to the best education.. so we will see and I Will keep you all posted.