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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Helping a good cause...

I finally figured out how to use the website, so if any of you haven't gotten a chance to make a difference in the lives of those suffering or being affected by cancer, now is your chance!
Every penny goes directly to the American Cancer Society, so feel free to donate!!
Thanks for your support!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why does Jarom lie?

I am a HUGE eBay lover, and a couple weeks ago I decided I'd start my collection of Paris Hilton memorabilia, so I bought the first season of The Simple Life. When it got here allll Jarom did was complain about how stupid the show was and that he would NOT watch it with me. (For anyone who knows me, I love LOVE paris.. yes I know what you're thinking, "shes trashy" etc. but she is hillarious and so awesome! wouldn't it be cool to be rich for doing nothing?!) Ok, so anyway, I put it in and I started watching it.. then a few minutes later Jarom comes in in the living room, he stands there, then 2 min later he is sitting there. 5 min later he is even laughing!
So the next night we were hanging out and all the sudden he says "Do you want to watch the Simple Life?" HAHA! Why does he lie!! I knew he would like it!! Oh man, I just love my little Jarom he is so cute :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Next week..

We are funny.
I'll be 20 weeks "officially", so here is a picture of my belly, which I don't think will get too much bigger between now and then:
AND I'm not wearing black!! haha

I can feel the baby kick SO much lately and its so cool! I really like to feel it cuz then I'm reassured there is actually somehting in there, and I'm not just getting fat haha. I think Jarom has only felt it like 2 times, but still cool!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

You must think I'm bored

But, I'm not haha, I have been quite busy the past few weeks actually... but in my spare time, I made myself this baby blanket.. NOTE: this is not because I am in desperate need of baby blankets ( I have like 10 already.. and thank you to everyone who gave them to me:) ) I just saw the material and I HAD to have it! I think I am going to do the baby's room in these colors instead of what I was originally thinking.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yes, two posts in a row.

" It cannot be emphasized enough that sometimes the wife's field of interest becomes so overwhelmingly filled with obligations to her family that she looses sight of her husband's needs and her obligation to him." - Dr. Laura

Yes, yes I am quoting Dr. Laura, but I can't get away from how much I really love this book. It points out nearly all my flaws and I love it! As I said in my previous post about this book, I can't stress enough how important it is to keep your relationship with your husband a first priority. Throughout the book she uses so many examples of how homes fell apart because wives focused on their children and left their husbands to fend for themselves. This is wrong!!! As a wife and soon to be mother, I am working so hard on putting Jarom first in everything we do, whether it be plans on a Friday night or what to have for dinner-- which I still need to work on haha--
I think by the example of love and respect we will show towards each other, or children will learn the right way to engage in a relationship. If I had total disregard for my husband, and took over both roles in the family, what kid of example would that be to our children?
Jarom and I are best friends, and I want to make sure the love and respect we have for each other never ceases. We are partners in this life and we will be forever, so why would I, as his wife throw him on the back burner once our children come? I won't!
I am sorry for being preachy but I feel like it's so important!!! I mean I see people our age getting divorced because of the lack of respect they show each other, as well as (lack of) support and love. It makes me so sad when husbands and wives turn into roommates who just have kids together.
It's important to set time aside each week (or each night :) ) to devote to each other, put the kids to bed earlier, make sure your work or social life isn't interfering. Nurturing your marriage is the best thing you can do for both yourself and husband, as well as your children.
Ok, I'm done, I swear!


After like a month (of trying to buy it) I finally purchased the crib! I thought I had purchased it a while ago-- long story, but I guess my card never went through or whatever, so finally, after an hour on the phone price matching and stuff (because I'm cheap.. well Jarom's cheap) We finally got it and it should arrive next Tuesday!
I think it is the cutest thing ever! I love it! Plus is comes in black so it will match everything in our whole house perfectly! haha!

Also, I decided to go a different route stroller-wise, and here is the one my mother is buying us: I haven't gotten it yet but hopefully we will order it soon-- she thinks I'm going to change my mind again but I'm not this time! I swear!!

It is perfect! exactly what I want, and the colors are perfect too! I just love it. I have been debating whether or not to get a regular stroller/car seat combo or a jogging stroller/car seat combo and ultimately I decided that I love to be outside and even though the baby will be born in October, by the time summer hits he/she will be big enough to fit in there without the car seat and then I will have this awesome jogger! Yes, yes I did think about going to the mall and grocery shopping with a big stroller, but to be honest I don't care, I see a lot of women with their joggers going everywhere! so I'm sure it will all be fine. Anyway, so those are things I'm excited about!!
Oh, and in case you were wondering, there are pretty much only 4 months left in this pregnancy (give or take 2 weeks) and I'm getting more and more anxious! Since I am planning to do everything naturally (seeing as how everything goes correctly) I have been really considering a water birth.. but we will see.
Oh! And yes, we have picked some names, but they are kinda going to be a secret until the time gets a little closer, then maybe we will leak them. It's just that they are so cute and we love them so much if we don't get to use them this time (whether it be a girl or boy) we want them secret for the next one.. since in all reality there will only be two babies to this family!!
I'll keep you all posted!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ok, this one is new.

I know what you're thinking, "That looks like the same picture as before just with your head cropped out." haha, no it's not the same, it's just that I wear black to work, and I took it after work the other day!! I will be honest, I had just eaten so it looks bigger in this picture than normal but its getting there!!!
Jarom and I went to the Dr.'s on Monday and everything seems to be fine, except for the fact I haven't even gained a pound since the last visit (when they told me to gain 5 to 6 by this appointment) BUT it isn't for lack of trying!!
It was my birthday last weekend and we went to Salt Lake City and visited with friends. I ate sooooo much! Seriously, I did! Since I haven't been sick as much I've been really taking advantage of it and eating everything! That is why I was so stunned when the nurse said "no weight gain" and gave me a look like "why are you starving yourself?" But I'm not!
So anyway, baby looks good, heart beat is strong, and apparently my uterus is measuring perfectly to where it should be.
Next appointment we WOULD be able to find out what we are having, however the decision has been made, and it will be a SURPRISE!! We decided not to find out! We think it will be more exciting that way, and many people are going to argue with me about it but let me just say right now, this is OUR baby and WE can do things however WE want!
Oh and shout out to my friends Hannah and Nick, and Christina and Brian: Thanks for making my birthday weekend awesome!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Things that are important:

Recently, I have been reading this book ^ At first I didn't like hearing all the things that wives do to push away their husbands etc. But as I read further and really got into the core of the book, I realized how selfish and unkind I could sometimes be, even without noticing it.
Since Jarom and I are going to have a little one join the family soon (5 months from now--eek!) I decided I was going to make a conscious effort to be a better wife, so hopefully, in turn I would be a better mother.
I have been reading talks by various prophets and speakers, and there was one particular message that really hit me:
Although children are important, and bringing them into this world is what we are called to do, your marriage should come first.
I have seen many marriages fall apart because wives think their first and foremost priority is to their children, which may sound like a good thing, but it really isn't. Marriage is a partnership and a serious relationship that needs cherishing and nurturing.
As Jarom and I embark on our journey into eternity, I want to make sure that - although our children will be important- our relationship stays as loving, caring and special as it is today (well more-so, but you get the picture). Anyway, that has been on my mind a lot-- since reading the book, and talks, so I thought I would share my ideas with whom ever reads my blog! So feel free to disagree but Jarom will ALWAYS come first. :)