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We are: Jarom, Erica and Fae Bowman- glad you stopped by our blog!

Monday, March 30, 2009


Unfortunately, both Jarom and I have some serious acne going on.. well mostly it's me, so anyway it took some convincing, but I finally got Jarom to wear a masque with me! not that I'm a spokes-person for bare minerals or anything, but the face wash, which is what one would use for a masque, is A-mazing! I love it! anyway this is us: how cute are we?

Just joking.. I look scary.. but it's ok.


Every week Jarom and I have a standing appointment to clean our house. This week it so happens that Jarom has the bathroom, and i have the kitchen, although I also do the vacuuming, and the bedroom.. but thats ok because JArom HATES the bathroom, and by the time he's finished with it, I'm done as well. haha, here's a cute picture of him quivering by the toilet.. LOVES IT!

But, I do have to say, he does a good job.. I taught him well :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Birthday Party

Sorry, no pictures, but we had a party for Jarom's birthday last night, we had a few friends come over for pizza and stuff. I rented a wii, as a surprise for Jarom. but I'm glad I did because it has been a lot of fun, I wish we could buy one for REAL. Anyway, we all just hung out for a little while and then decided to go bowling, but when we got there, I guess we only had about a half hour before "cosmic bowling" started, and it was going to cost $16 a person! so we all went and played laser tag. it was SO fun! I've never played before, but I really liked it even though I got shot 354 times and only "killed" 48 times. I'm not very good. Jarom did alright, but our friend Karina's husband did some 8,000! can you believe that! anyway, it was fun! we are looking forward to the next celebratrion which happens to be our 1 yr. anniversary!
Hopefully we will be able to get our picture taken I'm thinking a 50's theme.. I want to have JArom in some suspendors and a side part.. haha who knows.. I'm excited though!
And since my grandma asks every time we talk: Yes, I still love Jarom but it's a LOT more than I did when I married him, and I'm sure it will only get better. so that answers that.
stay tuned for some seriously cool updates in the life of Jarom and Erica.. very exciting.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's Jarom's Birthday!

So, today Jarom turns 22! he is an old man! Anyway, Tonight we are going out to eat together and whatever else he feels like doing, but tomorrow we are having a family party over at his parents house, cake, dinner, the whole sha-bang.. so I'm sure we will have pictures from that. THEN next Saturday I am throwing him a party, everyone except for one couple rsvp'd, so we should expect like 30 people which will be sweet, I decided we are all going to go bowling.. fun fun! I'm trying to decide what kind of cake to make because I'M really craving ice cream cake, but I'm not sure what Jarom wants because he just says he doesn't care.. so hmm... we'll see!
Oh, haha last year I made him this SWEET cake double layer chocolate and I put poker chips all around and fake lottery tickets on the top (because he turned 21) and I didn't want him to scratch them before I got there, but of course he did, and he freaked out he thought he won like $5,000 haha he was mad when I told them they were fake.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Jackson Wy

So we went to Jackson last year.. and I love the pictures we took, so felt like I had to share them:

New T.V!

Well, since jarom's sister moved into her new place, we though it would be a nice gesture for us to sell her our old tv! haha well, actually I just wanted a new one.. but anyway, so here it is! very exciting I know! I feel like it reslly adds something to our home..
Anyway, tomorrow is Jarom's real birthday and I'm taking him out to eat at Rutabagas, so that should be fun for him, and then hopefully we will go see that movie 7 pounds with Will Smith he's been begging me to go see it. We were going to have a party this weekend, but it turns out a lot of people were already busy so next week is the "big bash" should be fun!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

J.B Windows

So Jarom and Josh "co-own" a small business together.. and actually I love working windows with them in the summer, who wouldnt like being outside in the sun getting a tan all day? Anyway, this year they put an add in the local phonebook! Isn't that so exciting!! SO hopefully they will get a little more business from that. So, if your in the market for a good window cleaning, you know who to call!

Valentines day<3

Happy Valentine's Day!
We didn't do anything really special this year because my friend Christina and her husband Brian came up from Utah to visit, I hadn't seen her since August, and I missed her! Anyway we went to dinner at Bubbas, which was amazing as usual, and just hung out.. I had a lot of fun though, and I think Jarom and Biran hit it off pretty well...
I do wish we took some pictures though to "capture the memories!"

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Yes, we made an igloo.. and it was pretty tight...

Josh and Jordan started building it earlier Christmas day, but Jarom, Jordan and I finished it.. Look how many people fit inside! cool huh? haha


Christmas 2008! Our first Christmas together... aw how cute! Unfortunately, right before Christmas, I got my wisdom teeth out, check this:

Our sad christmas tree.. I actually cried over it because it's so ugly....
Luckily I got our Christmas cards done before that, and they came out alright if i do say so myself, maybe next year we will be one of those couples who goes somewhere Caribbean and send out a picture of that for Christmas to make everyone jealous! Who knows!

For those of you who didn't get a card, our sincere apologies:

We both made out pretty well, Jarom got a bike.. every little kid's dream... I got a bunch of clothes, a sweet wool coat, and some extremely sexy boots with fur!

Chritsmas kisses<3

Boots with the fur.. Rigggght

Buttermilk Falls.. I wish we got a sweet shot of the actual falls..

Blue Mtn. Lake NY:

jarom went hiking a few times with my mom, I guess he enjoyed it, I hate hiking, so I only went on one, but there will be no pictures of that allowed. No one wants to see me dirty, un-showered, with messy hair anyway.

This is Jarom at the top of Castle Rock, one of the hikes, I DID do.
My family has a small lake house in norther NY, it takes about 2 hourse to get there from our house in Niskayuna, and now that I'm older I like it a lot more. When your young, it's hard to like going somewhere you don't have anyone to hang out with because the population is like 5 people.

One Day we went canoeing to Rock Island which is just a little Island that you can jump off of it might be 20 feet but I doubt it.. this is my brother jumping off:

I think it was too cold for me, I'm a baby.



How cool are we really?

Jarom and I went to NYC this past august to work at the U.S Open Tennis tournament which was BOMB by the way:

I just took this picture from google, because the computer with the real pictures is all messed up, but this really is what it looks like from Jarom's suite.

Jarom worked in a privately owned suite, and I worked in the presidential suite. I had SO much fun, I really didn't want to leave! I even got a picture with that one guy from Entourage:

Here's some pictures from Coney Island:

The beach was actually extremely NASTY! I couldn't even swim in it...

I love him!<3



We don't have very many good pictures from our trip to lava, so I think I will just leave the ones of me out.. but Last July we went to Lava Hot springs with Jarom's family, it was sooo fun! I hadn't ever been, so it was all new to me. It was cute seing both Requel and Eric's baby Bella and Rachel and Joseph's baby Aaliyah play in the water! ( I am secretely jealous of their cute babies ) Anyway, we spent most of the days at the pool, and laying out in the sun.

Well, actually, one day we decided to float down the river... it was really fun the first time, and everyone made it out safely.. The second time however, I lost my shoe, and got carried down river for a while, Lindsay fell out of her raft, Jarom lost his wedding ring, and then we all lost Jarom for about a half hour! Needless to say, I didn't go down a third time.

This is Jarom and his Brother Jordan!


We started a blog! Everyone else was doing it, so we just jumped on the band wagon. Anyway, I thought we might as well start off with a little history on the J&E Bowman Family:

Ok, we officially Started Dating September 24th, 2008, which happened to be like 3 days after Josh and Lindsay's Wedding. We were engaged three months after that, and got married on April 25th, 2008.

This is us at the wedding (Josh and Lindsay's) , we were (are) deffinately cute together!
Planning the wedding was horrible! I have never wanted something to be over with more. I know that sounds terrible, but its true! Jarom agrees. Finally, we came to the decision that we would be married in the Idaho Falls Temple:

The ceremony was like nothing I expected, but probably the most beautiful one I'd ever been to. We both really enjoyed the whole thing, especially going to both receptions!

aww we just love each other!

Jarom's Parents, us and Mine!