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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rigby Lake

After bear world, we took the girls to Rigby lake, they had a blast! I swear, Lyla and Fae NEVER STOP MOVING! So that means neither do I. haha. But even so, the girls had fun swimming, splashing and building in the sand.

Our sweet set-up!

The beach was fun, I didn't go swimming, but Rachel did, she was a fish! Aaliyah and Bella swam too, and eventually I had to dun Fae since she got so sandy!

Bear World

On Wednesday this week, Requel, Rachel, the kids and I went to bear world, it was seriously awesome, and worth the $$, s I highly recommend it if you live in the area.

The bears came very close to our car!
A pretty white wolf!

We saw a ton of bears, but I'm not going to bore you with a hundred pics haha.. so at bear world, there is also a small petting zoo, and kiddie carnival rides:
Here are the girls wearing the cute tunic's I made for them, you can't see it, but they each have the first letter of their name painted on them, they came out pretty good if I do say so myself! (we couldn't get a good pic of them... of course haha)

Looking at the baby bears!
Fae and Lyla looking at the Duckies, and eventually all the kids got to feed them.. which was SO fun for the kids haha (Fae loved it especially)
Fae hugging the deer haha

Petting the baby deer.. there were also chickens and a pig, and goats, all of which we petted... I didn't touch the pig though, because it was so hideous looking, and also Fae threw rocks at it and it kinda got mad and scared us haha... fae is naughty.

And the rides:

See little Fae up there??
Getting ready for the roller coaster!

so, maybe I passed down my love of popcorn...

Fae and Lyla, aren't they so awesome and cute!?!

The girls had a little popcorn night on the big trampoline, it was a hit!

Fae was pretty intense when it came to making sure she got enough haha! I just love her!

Family pictures...

Here is a picture of Jarom's entire family, plus the in-laws :) I have to say, I married into a pretty attractive family haha!

And here is a picture of our family:
I love my little family, sometimes I cry with happiness when I think about my little Jarom and Fae, they are both so wonderful, and I'm so glad we get to be together forever!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


So, like I said in my previous post, we have been having a great time here in Idaho and have been spoiled with delicious food and fun times- if that makes sense(?)

Last week, Jarom's parents put on a carnival, they rented a bouncy house, and a dunk tank, they also had a pool, a volleyball net and 2 trampolines, so the kids and adults were entertained the whole time! (which was super nice)

here are some of the pics:
This was the bounce house, it had a slide, so fun! 3

Lindsay sitting in the tank, getting ready to fall!
Me, getting ready to fall, it only took jarom like 2 or 3 tries and I fell in... the water was beyond freezing! (not actually, it just felt like it) and the anticipation was really getting to me as well.. waiting was the hardest part :)
The food table was set up so cute, we had big nathan's hot dogs and cotton candy and yummy pasta salad and fruit.. other stuff too, and it was all delicious!

The sack race, the girls looked so cute and had so much fun, Fae wouldn't do it... she was preoccupied fishing for the duckies.
Fae and Lyla watching the volleyball game!(and not fighting for a change haha)

For fun: some attractive pictures of Jarom, Fae and I:

Okay, enough... here is the awesome chocolate fountain:

Cute right??

Did I mention we did face painting??

We all had such a good time, we are so blessed to have such an awesome family!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tea Party

Jarom's mom went all out for our family reunion this year, and so far it's been an exhausting blast! One of the first activities we did was have a tea party for all the little girls... there are 6! They had a good time eating the finger sandwiches, chocolates, and chips. The chips were Fae's favorite part haha!

They also got to hit a pinata! How fun right?!

Eventually Jarom and his brother Jordan took turns punching it... and it eventually opened, the girls loved getting the prizes, and blew their whistles for what seemed like hours! haha what ever makes them happy :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First hair cut!

I have been wanting to cut Fae's hair for a while now, but Jarom has been fighting with me about it because he wanted her to keep her baby hair... which is understandable, but it really did need to be done. She kind of had this rat-tail/mullet thing going on, and it was time to get rid of it, so tonight Jarom's sister cut her hair!
This is the before:
See that awkward one long curl thing???
Almost done!
Done! :) Her hair still curls a little bit so it looks super cute when it's dry... honestly I think it looks cute no matter what :)

I love this girl!


*Disclaimer* I already posted this on facebook.

Yesterday, during our travels my poor little bird fell down and cut her forehead, shes such a fast little thing I honestly couldn't catch her (she thought we were playing a game in the airport, like I was chasing her, but really I was just trying to catch her). She tripped, fell, and hit her head on the metal windowsill. It was terrible! (the cut its self is only about 1 inch long.. but it's about 1/4 inch deep) The blood was EVERYWHERE... but surprisingly it wasn't as much blood as the time she bit right through her lip! (this girl...) We got the airport to call for medical help and they decided that she had to have stitches, and either we could go to the hospital there in Denver or get on our flight to Idaho Falls and have it done there. Since we had a 6 hour window before they wouldn't be able to stitch it up, we decided to get on our flight and have it stitched up in Idaho Falls. We thought it would be better because afterwards we would go right home and be around family so Fae could relax (which didn't happen because as soon as she was done, she asked to play haha)

But the procedure made me ball my eyes out, which is something I don't normally do... They had to swaddle her up tight and two nurses held her head. Jarom and I just couldn't handle it, so we stayed outside the curtain but as soon as they were done we "saved her" from the tight swaddle.
Although the ordeal kinda sucked, we were so grateful to get to come home to family. Jarom's sister stayed and waited in the hospital with her daughter- who Fae calls "baby" haha even though Aaliyah is like a foot taller than her! As soon as she was out of the swaddle, she asked to play with "baby" and go "ome". (home). I felt so sorry for her, but I'm sure this is the first of many trips to the hospital- this girl=nuts.

(She ended up with 5 stitches... she doesn't bother with them, which is good, and hasn't really mentioned it since, it's funny how fast they forget!)