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We are: Jarom, Erica and Fae Bowman- glad you stopped by our blog!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

one thing I can NOT stand

... are people who simply are not charitable. Now granted, at times I can be selfish, rude even, but I never go out of my way to be uncharitable. Lately I have witnessed way too many people being self- centered, rude and unwilling to help anyone but themselves. I'm sick of it! At first my initial reaction was to never ever do anything nice for these certain people, but that's the 18 year old in me.. so, my next approach was this:

For FHE, Jarom and I decided we will make a more conscious effort to be more Christ-like and giving. "Kill them with kindness" right? Anyway, I would seriously challenge everyone to be more charitable and willing to help out when others are in need.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One more, cuz this is a good deal

My friend told me about this, if you go to sevenslings.com and type in the promo code "onefree", it brings the price down to $3.50 and then you just have to pay for shipping, so its about $16.00! Plus, they are SO cute!! everyone go get one!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fine, I'll update one more time

So, things have been pretty boring here at the Bowman house lately, we are just anxiously awaiting our little Fae. I think it's mostly me that wants her out so bad! I can't sleep normal, sit normal, shower normal, or even see my feet and all I want to do is eat! Throughout my whole pregnancy, I've been pretty good about staying on top of my weight and exercising, but this past week or so I have been indulging in all my desires... not good. Luckily though, Jarom and I have been making the steep walk to the temple at least 5 times a week trying to move things along.. so I don't feel as bad for eating an entire sponge cake myself ha ha.
Anyway, I have noticed a few things that are note-worthy:
#1 every morning around 7 little Fae thinks she is starving and frantically kicks and squirms until I get up and eat something. At this point she is then calm and I can go back to bed for another half hour or so.
#2 When I lay down, she wakes up. I don't mind it that much during the day, and since I've been SO tired lately, laying down has been a common occurrence, so I feel her all the time.
#3 She loves to be in my rib cage, this is only true when I get up from a laying position, eventually she goes back down, but it's really driving me crazy and causing me to have acid reflux.. fun, fun.

Ok, I know those things all sound like complaints, and I could swear right now that as soon as she comes out I'm going to tell her how miserable I've been!! But lets be honest when I see her sweet face and hold her little-ness, I will just be so happy I will forget everything... hopefully haha. Anyway, here are a few pictures the first two are of how fat and swollen my hands get throughout the day compared to how they normally look. The second, and DON'T JUDGE ME, we just came back from a walk in the park, is of me at a full 9 months pregnant!! Definitely not as cute as like 7 and 8 months.

Ok, well I cropped my face out because I wasn't wearing any makeup and I just felt embarressed so leave me alone! My belly is huge though and thats what everyone cares about anyway, you all know what I look like.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fae's "area"

I am so excited for this little girl, it's not even funny! Jarom keeps telling me he can't WAIT to see her precious face so he can kiss it all the time... which is kinda making me jealous because I want him to kiss mine too!! But if any of you know him, you know that it probably wont be a problem haha. We feel like it's just a waiting game now, since on Thursday (next week) I will be officially 9 months pregnant! I made a deal with her, and said that if she comes out at 37 weeks, I wont be mad haha. I really miss a good night's rest, and I know what you are thinking "You wont be getting one even when she is out" but let me just say that I am a stomach sleeper, and even if I could get one hour of good, real sleep, I would be so happy.
Anyway, little Fae is just so blessed because this week I made curtains for her "area" haha, I felt bad that if she is going to be sleeping during the day, she needs a dark room.. and since our apartment does not in any way lack natural sunlight, I made some nice, thick curtains! she's so lucky, considering I didn't make any for our bedroom haha.
So, here is an updated picture of her little room, or area, or half of the office, what ever you want to call it:

Thursday, September 2, 2010

He may be forgetful,

And a little strange at times, but he's the best husband in the world!! I am so glad Jarom and I are married, I can't think of anyone else, even my hollywood crush (haha), that I would be happier with! He takes such good care of me, and I know he will be an amazing dad!!

The other day I asked him to do several things for me, which he did not do, and he said he was just in too big a hurry to come home and see me.( Which may or may not be true, there would be no way of telling if he just decided to forgo the things I wanted him to do, or really was in a hurry to get home)Either way, last night he totally made it up to me With dinner, a back rub and flowers!!:) We love you Jarom!! (we, as in the baby and I haha)