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Thursday, December 29, 2011

I will post..

Some Christmas pictures probably later this week, or next... we have to charge our camera, and I can't find the cords... which would only make sense! haha I am usually very organized, but lately I've been in this kind of funk where I am literally loosing my mind, and can't find anything I'm looking for! It's really driving me crazy!! Anyway, I thought I would take a few minutes to write down some of my New Years resolutions:

#1 the classic loose weight, I am not going to complain that I'm fat, because I'm not (not bragging, just saying) but I would like to work on a few things, including, but not limited to: daily exercise, eating healthy, and not that we watch a ton of TV, but watching even less.

#2 Finish reading the book of mormon (again) WITH Jarom and Fae.

#3 Send every person in my family (inlaws included) a birthday card on their birthday.

#4 Get more organized and ready for school to start-- a.k.a work on my time management skills.

#5 Make more time for Jarom and I.. which will be very hard once we are both in school again and have homework :(

#6 Be happy :) Find a hobby or something I like to do and have more "me time".

I'd like to put "cook more meals" on here too, but I don't want to write things that I know I wont do. Don't ask me why I hate cooking so much, but I do, I DESPISE it. LOATH it.

So anyway, I'll keep you all updated on these things as the year goes on, I'm excited to see what 2012 has to bring :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

I love...

When other people are pregnant! I just love the joy babies bring to households, no matter how they get there. They are a blessing, a trial,and a happiness you can't even know until you have one. I am so grateful for my little one, and for future little one(s).

I am so excited for Christmas this year, because we actually kept most of our gifts a surprise from each other! I know about some things, I'm not going to lie, I may or may not have peeked... but I know Jarom hasn't seen most of his, because I wrapped them up tight, and put bows on them, so I would have known if he tampered with them.
I am also excited for church this Sunday, #1, because it is only an hour long, so we can muddle through it with ease.. that's kind of a contradiction haha.. but still. It is such a struggle to keep Fae quiet and happy throughout the whole 3 hours, especially since its right during her normal nap time! But, I am also excited because I'm sure there will be lots of talks on Christmas, and beautiful carols sung. This past Sunday the lessons were Christmas themed, and it was nice to have something so "understandable" to talk about. Sometimes when I'm at church I feel like things go right over my head, but during the Christmas season, all the sisters can relate to each other, because each knows the true meaning of Christmas. I love that. Plus, it was nice to have some little snacks, and let Fae run around a little.

Anyway, I am also pretty excited that my grandma (my moms mom) is coming up from Florida to visit a week after Christmas. It will be really nice to have her here, she and I are pretty close, and I call her like 4 times a week.. I bet she gets sick of me.. but its nice to just be able to talk sometimes you know. Shes like the girl friend I really never had. (( Not that I don't have awesome friends, I do.. it's just different).

I used the word Excited, wayy too much in this post, but no other word seemed right! sorry!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas pictures!

Hi guys! its been a little bit, hasn't it? Well we, at the Bowman house have been sick! coughing, sneezing, fevers, and stomach aches! It's okay though, we are on our way to being well.

Yesterday, the amazing photographer who did Fae's first birthday pictures, came over and took some family pictures for us, here is a preview:

((I am using some of these pictures in our christmas card, so don't be surprised!!))
--here is one of our tree, and fae creeching in on it- just for fun--

Friday, November 18, 2011

I am so GLAD I am a pusher...

Jarom has been doing so well here in New York, although I get very annoyed with my apartment, and the general cost of living, we both do love it here. Fae has friends and goes to a ton of activities during the week. It's been awesome, but here is the icing on the cake: (and yes, I'm going to brag) Jarom had his "quarterly meeting" with Mrs. Verra (his boss's boss) regarding his over-all performance.. While they were talking Jarom asked "what if I were to apply for a job right now (with GE-- a permanent job)?" and she said " I would hire you in a second." UM AWESOME! then, he was studying at UGC (His grad. school) and happened to talk to the President of the school who told him as soon as he is in his last semester she would get him a job at a hospital! (which is his ultimate goal).

So yes, as pushy as I can be, and yes I do go about it in the wrong way sometimes, I am so glad I pushed for us to come here, it is paying out way more than we thought. I knew I was right ;) haha. Seriously though, cool stuff right??

At this point we are working toward a fellowship in North Carolina at DUKE university.. yeah, DUKE. There are a TON of applicants, since its open to all the major Health care admin. schools, but we really feel like Jarom has a leg up to all the others. So wish us luck, cuz this could be the start of a whole new life (oh and a steady income! WOOHOO!) Maybe the NEXT summer (after Jarom Graduates) we can be closing on our first home.. I wish I wish!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Some things I like, and some things I don't

During the holiday season there are a bunch of things that usually bother me,one of them is shopping. Yes, I know this is me, the queen of shopping, doesn't care if she buys anything as long as shes out on the town-- girl. (At least that's what Husband thinks) However, each year, as Christmas approaches, I get more and more weary of shopping, #1 because the crowds (ESPECIALLY here in NY) are insane and people are so rude and REFUSE to go around you even when there is a perfectly good path just around the wrapping paper isle. #2 because stores decided to jack up their prices because they know you are desperate to get that very last foot bath with the delicious smelling bath slats and matching lotion.. oh and the fuzzy socks. And, #3 because of the blatant disregard for the actual meaning of Christmas. Every commercial on TV is of children opening their piles of presents, as their parents watch, all proud of themselves for picking just the right gift for their bratty child (I don't know if they are bratty they probably aren't, but for my points' sake I'm saying it). This my friends, is what bothers me most. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't say no to a present or two, and lets be honest, Christmas just wouldn't be the same without them, but I feel as though the meaning and true spirit of Christmas has been so far lost over the years that its going to be (excuse my French) damn near impossible to inject it back into our homes and our children.

This year, will be the second year (out of almost 4) that Husband and I put up a tree, I am very excited about it. I really can't wait to start putting up my decorations, and watch Fae run around enjoying the lights and the pretty decorations. I can't wait to have all the pretty presents wrapped and sitting under the tree.. and most of all I can't wait to read the Story of Christmas to Fae. Of course she is young, 13 months old, and probably wont sit through the whole thing, but I can't wait to show her pictures of our beautiful savior and teach her the importance of giving thanks, and loving the Lord. This Holiday season will be the start of our own family traditions, and independence. I am so grateful for my family, Husband is just the best, I don't know anyone who works as hard as he does, and still makes time for us girls. To Quote one of Fae's favorite (and most annoying) shows, "He makes our hearts SUPER happy". And little Fae is such a blessing to me, she has helped me grow tremendously, she has helped me prove to myself that I can handle things I never thought I could, and that I do have patience, even if it isn't very much. She is my biggest challenge, and the most amazing reward, I am so happy she came into our lives when she did.

So, enough gushy stuff, I'm making myself tear up *sigh* no, seriously, on to the things I like:

Thursday, November 10, 2011

For those who care, and those who don't:

After 5 weeks of School, I was attending The Austin School of Spa Technology located in Albany NY, I withdrew. What should have been an easy experience turned into a huge mess. Why I withdrew:(not in order of importance) #1 I am not trying to say that I am better than anyone, because I don't believe that one person is worth more than another, however, there are social classes in which each individual person falls. Every morning, I made the 3 minute walk from the parking lot to the school, during which time I was harassed by the various men standing outside. It was extremely uncomfortable, and no I was not the only one with this problem, EVERY woman that passed had this problem. #2 There was absolutely NO education happening. In the first 5 weeks our class had learned nothing, not one of us could perform a simple mini facial, backcial, or any sort of wax. Our teacher did not have the capacity to teach us effectively, which resulted in jumping from subject to subject every class period, without proper teaching of the methods, testing, or example. She signed us off on things we could not perform, gave us the answers to every test, including our midterm and final, and had so little knowledge of the curriculum that she relied on other students for answers. #3 On Fridays we would attend a sanitation course combined with barber and cosmetology students. Every woman was harassed by the barber students throughout the entire 4 hours, without staff doing anything about it. In fact, a barbering teacher also inserted himself in many extremely inappropriate conversations with the students, including but not limited to: child support, court rulings, incarceration, sexual relationships, STDs, and more. He spoke in a very "inner city" demeanor and referred to himself as a professional. #4 The Aesthetics program at The Austin School of Spa Technology was an afterthought. The students had non-working equipment, some of us still did not have our uniforms or books--after 5 weeks. Hardly any of the steamers, electrical outlets, or magnifying lamps worked, and there was ONE towel warmer for the whole class to use. The beds were old and dirty, we never had enough sheets or towels, and half the time the products were low or completely out. The Director of Aesthetics also placed a cosmetology teacher in our class room who was supposed to teach us about aesthetics... this, for obvious reason did not work, and like I said earlier, she had no knowledge of the subject which resulted in a horrible education for the students.

What I did about it:
#1, On friday the 21st I properly, VOLUNTARILY withdrew myself from the school, my letter included the following, word for word "I Erica Bowman do not feel as though I will receive and adequate education at this school." Signed and dated. I then left. I tried calling financial aid probably 30 times after that to figure out what, if anything I owed the school for my time there. 2 weeks later I received a call that I owed 1086.00. During that 2 weeks, I wrote the Attorney Generals Fraud Dept. The NY State Board of Education, and FAFSA. They all returned my calls, and formal letters in a timely manner. The NY State board of education assigned an investigator to my case right away.
As of 3 days ago, I found out that I owe nothing to the school, and that there have been a variety of similar complaints to mine, and that they have a LOT of work to do at The Austin School of Spa Technology.

What The Austin School of Spa Technology did:
Ms. Angela Vitti, the department chair came into my former classroom, and explained to my former classmates that I was involuntarily removed from the school, that I wouldn't stop mouthing off, so she asked me to leave.
Mrs. Karen Sheppard, my former teacher began telling students that I was unruly, and that I was removed from the school by Ms. Vitti.
They both later conspired to tell the students that I was not able to get into any other Aesthetics programs, and was therefore begging to come back to the program at Austin's. (This is the most ridiculous rumor because I haven't even applied to another school yet)
These are only some of the immature, and untrue things that are being said about me. I forwarded all this information (which I received from a former classmate who also complained) to the investigator on my case.

I think it is absurd to be in a leadership position and yet be allowed to act like a child. None of the accusations were true in any amount, and not only that, why am I being the topic of any conversation? Are we really going to allow people like this to teach in school systems? Is FAFSA really going to endorse a school who has no sense of education? These are the questions I am currently working on, when I get answers, I'll update.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


This past weekend, Jarom, Fae and I went to Boston. We were mostly going to attend the Temple, but decided to make a cool trip out of it, so we went to the New England Aquarium as well. It was AWESOME! and Fae had a blast, although she really wanted to walk around but there were so many people, it was hard to put her down... even WITH her monkey leash.
Here are Jarom and Fae playing at a rest stop, where we had lunch, and even got Mcdonalds Fries as a treat!

Here is Fae begging my dad for some food haha.. she is a GREAT eater.. and by that I mean she eats EVERYTHING and ANYTHING :) which is great, because she likes to eat veggies too, and not just junk.

Here are some of the "99%" Protesters.. they were seriously taking up like 5 blocks... they should maybe try looking for a job.. I don't know though, that's just me.

Here is one shot of down town Boston, next time we go, hopefully it wont be so cold, so we can walk around down there and really get a feel for it.

There were so many things to see, it was hard to get pictures of everything, but one of our favorite things was the huge tank in the middle, filled with fish, turtles, and sharks. The sharks were huge and scary, but awesome.
(These are all pretty blurry)

This was the penguin show they did, well really they just fed them, but Fae loved it!

They also had this really cool part where you could actually touch little sharks and sting rays, we all loved that, it was cool to feel how silky smooth the sting rays were, but how rough the sharks were. Fae laughed and laughed every time a shark or sting ray passed her and she got to touch it. Needless to say she got soaked!

And here is Fae being eaten by a shark in the gift shop.. no we didn't buy the hat even though I thought it was awesome.

It was a really fun trip, I think next time we go we will go to the huge children's museum, or maybe whale watching... in the summer that is.


This year, Fae and I went to two Halloween parties, both at church. She went as a cupcake, which was also the theme of her birthday party.. and also her favorite treat haha. Here are some pictures of her at one o the parties:

She wouldn't stop starring at this little ghost, it moved and talked, so every time it moved she would run away an then run right back up to it haha shes is so silly.

Our cousin Marlo came with us too, she is Fae's best friend :)

Mommy helped Fae make her craft, a fuzzy bat! (It's hanging in her room, she loves it.

Ok, then obviously, we took Fae trick or treating, and it was absolutely FREEZING, so we didn't stay out long, nor did we bother taking pictures outside since it was super dark anyway. But, here is a picture of all three of us. Jarom and I were bakers, and Fae was the cupcake... get it... like we made her hehe ;)

Then after, we let Fae have one lollipop, and one kitkat.. that was the extent of her halloween intake, we even gave the rest of her candy to my parents.

All in all I'm pretty sure Fae loved her second Halloween :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011


I got Fae a new hat, I LOVE it. Here are some pictures:

Ok, now, here are a couple videos:
This one is Fae dancing in her PJ's haha she is so cute :) (oh and her cousin Marlo raving on the said as well haha)

This one is just funny because jarom was eating chips and onion dip and fae kept starring at him like she wanted some, so we let her have a little and she loved it!

This one is just cuz she is awesome and sooo cute :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

I am grateful for...

Jarom. He works SO hard, he is gone most days from 8 in the morning until 10 at night, and even when he is home he is doing homework. I am so proud of him, as well as his perseverance and work ethic. He is so smart, and is such a great example to me. It is very hard not having him around a lot, like I'm used to, but I know this will pay off in the end. I just want to say that I am grateful for him, I'm grateful that he makes me laugh and smile, and is someone I can fully rely on. He is my best friend and an AWESOME daddy. He is Fae's favorite, I get a little jealous when he comes home and he gets big smiles and laughs.. while I've been home all day with her and haven't gotten them.
I can't wait for us both to be done with school so that we can be on better, more set schedules, and be able to see each other more. I love my Jarom!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Bowman Orchards

(Disclaimer.. picture overload)
Today, Fae's actual birthday, we went to Bowman Orchards! We had so much Fun!

Shes just a little over 2 feet tall, what a cutie!

She Picked one she liked!!

This is Our Orchard, didn't you know that we owned an awesome orchard??

Fae and the cow... That's it, I'm writing a children's series, Fae's name is just too perfect. Agreed? good.

Fae and the Goat!

This Goat Struck a Pose haha... I love goats, seriously.

There was so much to do, just look at the signs!

There was a "Play Area" as well, so cute!

"The Apple of our eyes" She refused to look at the camera haha

The cute little store, where we bought delicioussssss apple cider doughnuts and AMAZING New York Apples.. you can't beat a new york apple.

Fae's Birthday Party

We had Fae's Birthday Party on the 1st of October instead of the 7th because some of our family members wouldn't have been able to come otherwise. Her Party was a blast, I had so much fun decorating for it and planning it, she had fun just opening presents, eating cake and playing with her cousins!

This beautiful cake (butterflies included) was made by my extremely talented cousin Amanda! I seriously could not believe she really made it, it was AWESOME!

Yes, she even made smaller cupcakes with butterflies! I told you, amazing.

I am such a bad picture taker! but here is a picture of one of the tables, and the birthday banner.

This should be a title of a book "Fae and the cake she didn't know what to do with" haha

Opening Presents! She got such perfect, great present from everyone! ((THANKS GUYS!!))

Grandma Lorry and Papa Bob! Fae was so glad that they stayed a little longer than normal in NY so they could come to her party! (They left for Florida the next day)

After the party, she had so much fun playing with the balloons!

I didn't get a whole lot of pictures, but I promise to work on that... The good news is, she had a GREAT birthday party, we were sad that Jarom's family wasn't able to be with us.. since they live in Idaho, but they all sent great cards and presents!! (Thanks :) )