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Friday, August 20, 2010

I know I shouldn't be prideful.. but

I am so proud of myself!!!!!!! I have been looking for a bumper for my crib for a while.. but nothing seemed to be just right, I don't like all that pink girlie stuff, (don't be offended if you do.. obviously a lot of people do, which is why they sell it)but I don't, so I went to various craft stores looking at material, because I decided I'd make one! So Finally I found the perfect pattern and material, both the material and batting are breathable (and supposedly less flammable), so the baby wont suffocate when she rolls into it..

I'm almost done with it, so here is the "almost done" picture:

I know it looks huge, but actually I made it a little bit smaller, as you will see in the "finished" picture.. which will be coming soon...

Ok, I finished! here it is!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby Shower

Ok, I feel bad, mostly for myself, and my scrapbook.. haha, because on this super fun day I totally forgot to bring my camera!! what an idiot!! Jarom and I are the WORST at taking pictures, and honestly I'm glad I have enough sense to at least hire people occasionally to take pictures, otherwise we would probably have no documentation that we are even married. Anyway, Jarom's sister Requel brought her camera, which was awesome, however unfortunately We didn't get a whole lot of pictures until the party was nearly over, bummer :(
BUT! I absolutely loved my party! I had so much fun! I love my friends!!! I got the CUTEST gifts from everyone, I love everything and little baby Fae will sport all of it as soon as she gets here, which I hope is sooner rather than later because I seriously can't sleep anymore and my back is killing me 24/7. Each present I opened made me get more and more excited for this little girl to come, she will be so cute and sweet, I just know it! So, thanks to everyone who came and for the beautiful gifts!!

Here are some pictures (after most people had left.. but still cool)

We played this game, and the winner was actually my friend Jana's husband.. who isn't in the picture, but he was pretty excited about it!! I'm not sure what the game is really called, but what it is, is: There are like 10 different diapers with a different chocolate candy bar melted in each one. The idea is to examine the "poop" and figure out which candy bar it is.. the winner is the one who guesses the most correctly! It's pretty funny...

Ok, this is right before we opened the presents, there was only one cupcake tower left, and it was cute so here it is haha. All Fae's pretty things were inside these bags :)

Oh, and since We didn't get a picture of all the pretty food and how the tables were set up and everything, these are the little labels I made for the food:

DISCLAIMER: Don't feel like I didn't love your present, I just didn't get pictures with all the presents, I assure you, I LOVED EVERYTHING!

This is us cleaning up, but you kinda get a feel for what it looked like.. maybe??

Monday, August 16, 2010


Yeah, maybe I'll stop, maybe I wont, who knows.. I can't wait to post pictures of the baby shower, which was SO MUCH FUN!!! (Unfortunately I forgot my camera.. haha.. so Jarom's sister was awesome enough to take some pictures for us.. so we are just waiting on those).. Until then, I know many of you keep up with my facebook, but here is the proof that American eagle has baby clothes!!

This + This


= a super cute outfit that even I would wear!! I mean I love all the baby stuff.. but lately I've been wondering why my baby can't dress like me?! Now she can :)Thanks American Eagle, for being my favorite store in the whole world.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

How cute are these?

I am thinking I might have to buy these, they are so cute! haha I know all my posts lately have been ofthings I want, I'm sorry, but I think the baby is making me want to buy everything! haha or maybe I'm just bored with my things.. who knows but I'll just blame the baby for now.

Friday, August 6, 2010

This, or this?

For my baby shower, my grandma is going to buy us a camcorder! I'm pretty excited about it, because I want to be able to tape like every single thing the baby does.. so here's the thing she said " Don't skimp, get the best one" haha but lets be real, the best one would be a TON of money.. so Jarom and I went to best buy the other day and talked to their camera specialists for like 2 hours, here are the two we are debating on:

This one is an HD flash camera, which sounds super nice right? the only thing is that it doesn't have the best zoom capabilities, and the battery will need to be replaced probably every hr of footage (not replaced, recharged). It's also a little more on the expensive side which means we probably wont be able to buy another battery or case for it for a while.

This one is not an HD camera but has twice the memory storage, and zoom power. It is a flash camera which is awesome and super user friendly. It costs a little less so we will be able to get the warranty, camera case and extra battery. (for the record, the guy at best buy said this one was a better deal and a great camera overall)

So, as you can see, we aren't sure if we want to be able to see the dew drops on some grass with the HD camera, or if we want twice the memory and zoom power with the other one.. decisions decisions...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

For Sale:


This bike: asking $100, ridden once, the back tire is popped and we have never fixed it so it just sits in storage.. We paid $200 for it originally.
Call Erica (208)716-0297 if you want to see it or buy it, unfortunaltely you can't ride it with a popped tire.


Aren't these the cutest diaper bags ever?? I want them both!