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We are: Jarom, Erica and Fae Bowman- glad you stopped by our blog!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Poor Jarom!

I know I posted like 2 days ago, but this is what happened,

I was trying to make friend onions for this bacon pepper jack cheeseburger recipe I wanted for dinner, so I put a pot of oil on the stove and turned on some heat so I could drop the battered onions in and then pick them out.. well I turned my back for like 2 min and the whole thing was on fire, I would have taken a picture but we were both so freaked out we didn't have backing soda, and I couldn't find the lid to our pot, so Jarom took it outside, but it was too late, the whole thing was like in ridiculous flames, and it exploded and got all over poor little Jarom! I felt so bad I cried! We had to put it out with a fire extinguisher because it just would not go out!

This is Jarom's hand :(

My poor baby he is so sweet to me, I feel so bad :(

Monday, June 22, 2009

Things Remembered...

First time you kissed your husband: After many months of torment, because we were both seeing other people and didn't want to "cheat" on them, we finally kissed the summer of 07' in August on the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC.

When he told you he loved you: He told me he loved me about three month into the relationship, although I loved him long before that. We drove to a spot on top of a hill, he was nervous so naturally I made things a lot more difficult and kept changing the subject every 5 min until he finally said "I love you Erica"!!! it was super cute.

How he proposed: OK, well right after he told me he loved me, I knew we were going to get married, so I pretty much made him take to ring shopping. I picked the first one I ever tried on, although we still went and looked at a TON more. A few weeks after we picked out the ring, and bought it, I got in a ridiculous car accident and had I not been wearing my seat belt I think I would have died. Jarom came and got me after I screamed at him about how I had just crashed the only car my parents were going to buy me haha. A week later he tells me hes taking me out for a special dinner because of everything I went through that last week. So honestly I wasn't expecting anything until we got there. He proposed at the cellar in Idaho Falls, which is actually a super nice restaurant. The hostess took us down stairs and the whole place was covered in candles and flowers and chocolate. Since it was a wine cellar, the bottles were reflecting the light and it made everything really romantic. We talked for a while, and he gave me a card that basically said "I want to be with you for eternity and I love you".. I still have it but it's packed away. Then we had dinner, I had spaghetti and he had a gourmet pizza thingy. After that, I wasn't in the mood for dessert so I tried passing on the chocolate cake, but Jarom kept insisting, so I said fine I'll have it. The waiter comes down and handed me a seemingly empty plate, but on it was my ring and "will you marry me?" written in pink frosting! HOW CUTE IS THAT. Of course I said yes, and we were married on April 25th, 2008 in the Idaho Falls Temple. I love my husband!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

our super nice apartment.

Here is the front door and our table with our very cool decorations.. sorry there is stuff everywhere.

(Above) Our kitchen, and our broken cabinet.. otherwise it's alright, not the luxury we are used to [haha] but it will do.

(Below) This is our SUPER CLASSY cabinet that fell off randomly one day. So now our glasses and tupperwares are exposed! Good thing we are really organized.

The pieces

This is our livingroom, Our big clock (so freakin cool! Thanks Robyn) Half of our bathroom, don't worry I'll show you the other half below:

K, so it's not that bad, but it's not that great either. Now for the Master Suite:

Note: The clothing on the dresser belong to Jarom, not me. Clearly, he needs to learn some limits.

So, I sacrifice my well-being for one reason and one reason only:

This is why I do it people!