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We are: Jarom, Erica and Fae Bowman- glad you stopped by our blog!

Monday, February 27, 2012

here's the thing....

I am by no means "baby hungry" but I really miss this:

However, I do not want to look like this: for a VERY long time. haha I cropped out my fat face.. cuz I'm vain. don't judge.

Some days I just really wish I could have my immobile, little sweet cuddly baby Fae back! Especially when shes been sick for a week and SO whiny! But dont worry, I love my little girl, she is just right for me :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Bird...

A little bit about Fae "right now"

She is SO funny! She knows how to play games, like hide and seek and peek a boo, tickle monster.. stuff like that.. she is almost 22 lbs, and 31 and 3/4 inches tall, she eats EVERYTHING, and this is no joke, she literally still eats everything, like pens, rocks, and oh yeah, food haha. I still don't let her feed herself, although she can, she just makes a huge mess and likes to stuff 10 pieces in her mouth at once... she has no patience for sitting down to eat- which also makes it hard, so usually I have to follow her around just to get a good meal in her. She NEVER, and I mean NEVER stops moving. Not for a second! she is so intense! It's a wonder I am still a little overweight with the amount of chasing after her I do. She is extremely fast, people come up to me and tell me she should be in the baby Olympics haha, I don't even know if that exists. She is absolutely beautiful (maybe I'm biased) she has the bluest, brightest eyes in the world and a smile that will light up your heart. She is smart! She knows nearly all her body parts and can say them and point to them. She loves to read... although it is hard to have her sit for more than 2 books at a time.. she has 2 books "memorized" and by that I mean she knows when her favorite pictures are coming up. She wears 18-24 month clothes, the pants are usually too long, but her belly wont fit into a smaller size :) She is such a love bug! She loves to give kisses and hugs! She also loves to wrestle around... sometimes she gets a little rough, and we have to explain that "no you cant hit 6 year old boys that we don't know" hah. She loves kids, all kids, she will run right up to them like she knows them and start playing.. she has NO worry or care in the world. She rarely ever cries, and when she does I know its because she is hurt or doesn't feel well. She is a trooper, even when she has a cold, she is just as "go go go" as usual. She is a daddy's girl, and gets SO excited when he comes home from work, she stops whatever she is doing to run over to him and give him a big hug. Her favorite part of the day is when the mail comes (we have a mail slot in our door so the mail comes right into our house) she runs over to it and bring it back to me... much like a puppy hahaha which happens to be her favorite word, she screams PUPPY at the top of her lungs any time we go to walmart... or basically anywhere. She is just so unique and so fun, I love getting to know her, she has changed so much over this past yr and It's crazy to think shes nearly 18 months! where has my baby gone??
She also likes to hide my birth control pills.. I wonder if shes trying to tell us something.. haha.. shes gunna have to wait on that one!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Marriage for real.

It should never be hard to love your spouse, if it is, I think there is a major problem. It isn't always easy to like your spouse... sometimes they annoy you. Sometimes you may clash with your spouse, maybe you have different political stances, or maybe he doesn't like your favorite restaurant. It should always be easy to laugh with your spouse, share secrets, hopes and dreams with them. It should always be easy to talk to them, to confront them when something is bothering you, or support them when they need it. It shouldn't be hard to kiss them, or hug them, or tell them you love them. It should be easy to congratulate them when they've done something worth-while... or maybe even just for being them. It should be easy to put them before yourself. But sometimes It's hard, and when its hard, it can be easy to forget all the niceties, and focus on the bad... you must never do that in marriage, because marriage, is worth it.

Friday, February 10, 2012

I jump around A LOT

I seem to have a problem, and on the surface it just seems like I can't make up my mind, or I'm just a little "flighty" or "preoccupied" but really its a more serious issue when I sit down and think about it. February 21st (or around there) will mark my first day of school. ((AGAIN)) As some of you have notice, and believe me I'VE noticed.. I jump around a lot, I went out to college, did a few semesters, got married, went to dental assisting school- finished that, decided I hated it. Move to NY enrolled in a local community college paralegal program, decided that although I like that stuff, I'd rather go to beauty school... started that, love it, realized the program was in one word GHETTO, and quit. Jarom seems to think I can't focus, and maybe he's right, but I'm so sick of not finishing things! It really takes a toll on you... I mean sometimes I feel so worthless, and air headed, it just drives me down... but not anymore. I WILL finish my degree, it may take a while, but I will. I think part of the reason I have been so "down" lately.. I don't want to use the word depressed, because I simply don't believe I am (although every time I go to the Doctor she seems to want to prescribe me 10 different pills-- crazy lady, I guess) I just think it was because I wasn't getting the fulfillment out of life that I know I need. Knowledge is the only thing we can take with us from this life, and I think when we aren't pushing ourselves to be the best or the smartest we can be, we get discouraged.. at least I do. So BYUI (online) here I come, I now you will be hard, I know I will have to try, but I know it will be worth it.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

High Heels

This morning Fae found a pair of my sparkly red high heels, and she decided to strut herself around our house. Why is she the best? Everything she does is just the cutest, sweetest thing ever. She makes me so happy :)


Every afternoon around 4 I use our treadmill, I gate it off so Fae doesn't come near, put on nick Jr. and let Fae play on he own. Normally she runs around the house and plays with her baby doll, reads boks, drinks her juice, whatever, she doesn't normally do this:

I realize it's not all that messy, but I still couldn't believe how much she took out! shes such a crazy cutie! I love her!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stuffed Shells

I used to be intimidated by this seemingly delicate entrée, however, once I made it myself I realized there is nothing to it!!

What you'll need:

Box of Large Shells
Small container of Ricotta cheese
1 egg
garlic powder
shredded mozzarella cheese
grated Parmasean cheese
Marinara Sauce

What to do:

Cook pasta in a big pot of boiling water, add a splash of olive oil and a small pile of salt (in the palm of your hand). Once the pasta is cooked, remove from boiling water and drain. Run under cold water. In a separate bowl combine the ricotta cheese, 8 oz of shredded mozz. cheese, parmasean cheese (to taste) salt and pepper (to taste) garlic powder (to taste) and parsley (to taste). Add the egg, and mix thoroughly. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line the bottom of a 9x13 pan with marinara sauce, and set in front of you. Take each shell, gently, you don't want to rip it, and fill it with the ricotta mixture. Place in glass pan. Continue until everything is used up. Add a little more sauce on top, and bake for about a half hour, or until heated through.

Put the remaining sauce in a small pot and keep on low heat. Once the shells are done, serve with extra sauce and cheese if desired.