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Monday, July 1, 2013

After we moved...

The Wednesday after we moved into our new home... we left yet again for a week vacation in Idaho to visit Jarom's family. As always, there was tons of good food and great company. Fae had a BLAST, I mean she cried so hard when we left, she wanted to play with all her "friends" (which by that she meant her 7 cousins).

It was nice to have a week of real relaxation- Jarom's parents are fantastic about giving us time to chil out without worrying about Fae.. or anything else.
Fae loves herself a good  Barbie Car! haha 

Fae and Lyla

We wen't to the zoo
Just missing Charley and Beau! 
I think this needs no explanation- Fae= Princess

Me, pretending I have 2 babies.. haha. 

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